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Author: Aaron Janmohamed

14 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer on Every Pipeline Review Call

Every good sales leader runs a weekly pipeline review call with his sales reps. When done well, these calls help sales teams align to goals and focus on the right deals so they can crush their numbers. When they fail, it leads to frustrated managers and stressed out sales reps. Sales Leaders Living in Spreadsheets Sales reps and managers spend hours getting ready for the weekly pipeline call. Leaders in particular can sometimes spend up to four hours just gathering information ahead of the call. Data is often hosted in disparate, legacy systems, and they often need to put...

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5 Secrets to Forecasting Every Sales Leader Must Know

Around 79% of organizations miss their revenue targets by 10% or more, according to Sirius Decisions data. This despite the fact that sales reps spend around 2.5 hours a week on sales forecasting. Sales leaders can spend four hours each week just gathering data for their revenue calls. That’s a lot of time spent on just reading the tea leaves about a company’s future. Sales leaders need to get tactical about how they run their pipeline calls and how they forecast revenue. There’s a key trend in sales to expect predictability of revenue results. Forecasting With Data, Not Your...

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8 Tips For Your Next (or First) Customer Advisory Board

There’s nothing more rewarding than listening to a room full of customers tell you about their challenges, whether or not you’re helping them solve those challenges, and how. Great products are born of a need, or a problem to solve, and it’s exciting when you identify the problem that creates demand for your solution. When I joined InsideSales.com 10 months ago, Customer Advisory Boards (CAB) were talked about, but not a priority. Since then I’ve been part of the planning and execution of 4 regional CAB’s. Here’s what I learned about putting a successful one together. 1.    Plan for strategic...

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26 Things a Sales Cadence Tool Should Do For You

If you’re working in sales as a representative, manager or even sales leader position, you’ve probably heard the term sales cadence before. If you haven’t– don’t worry about it, you’re probably doing it every day without giving it a second thought. At InsideSales.com, we’ve perfected the art of building an executing sales cadences and established best practices in the field. We know exactly when you should contact your prospects, how long to persist in your attempts, and which communication media you should use. What’s a Sales Cadence? Our definition of sales cadence is a sequence of sales activities that...

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Transforming Sales Organizations With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has the power to transform sales organizations and render them more productive, more efficient and increasingly agile. While we’ve been preaching this for a long time at InsideSales.com, there’s still ambiguity around “how” Artificial Intelligence actually helps salespeople sell more. We need to clear up any confusion around AI, if we’re to fully take advantage of this amazing technology. I’d like to take some time and show you what this journey looks like, from a user perspective. We recently worked with a major telecommunications company to show exactly how AI works behind the scenes. The truth is,...

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