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Author: Abigail White

Cadence Definition: What A Salesperson Should Know

What is cadence in sales? How can it affect the growth of your business? To find out more, read on and learn about how a sales cadence can benefit your business. What is Cadence? | What You Need to Know About Sales Cadence    1. How Good Is Your Sales Cadence? Take the Test! How do you start when you are trying to reach a prospect? Should you call, should you email or leave a voicemail? How many times, and what time of the day? Every sales representative executes a ‘cadence’ when they reach out via email, phone, or using...

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A Comprehensive Guide on Sales Prospecting

What is sales prospecting and how can it help raise your sales? In this article, InsideSales.com will give you a guide on sales prospecting, its benefits, and sales prospecting strategies you can utilize to maximize its benefits. Sales Prospecting 101    1. Sales Prospecting for the Pros If you’re looking to have more conversations with the right people, persistence is key. Data shows that most sales reps today stop at sending an email or placing one phone call. The best sales professionals will not give up so fast. They create a sales cadence with multiple touch points, including a variety...

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What Is Cold Calling | Everything You Need To Know

What is cold calling? Today, we feature some resources you can check out if you want to know more about cold calling and how to use it to achieve your sales goals. What Is Cold Calling?    1. Email Prospecting vs Cold Calling: What’s Best? Ever wondered how you should approach your clients — if you should send an email or call them on the phone? Sometimes picking between sales communication methods (email prospecting vs cold calling or even voicemail) is a matter of preference and a subjective choice for sales representatives. However, getting the right sales activity with a...

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