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Author: Ben Cotton

How a Chatbot Can Make Your Sales Team Perform Better in 2018

For a high performing sales team to close as many deals as possible, they need the right information, on the right platform and at the right time. After all, every moment spent searching for that sales deck, competitive insight or case study is time away from what they are best at– selling. This is where sales enablement can add value. As a sales enablement specialist, my role is to improve sales reps’ performance, and I do this by leveraging training, content, technology and deal support to help them beat their quota. As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m asked...

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Want to Increase Sales Rep Performance by 31%? Build Your Team From the Bottom Up

In recent years, the conversation around sales enablement has shifted. This change is reflected in the rapid rise of the Sales Enablement Society, as well as the uptick in VC money flooding into companies selling sales enablement tools. While some businesses still seem to be “building the plane while they fly it,” many have begun investing in dedicated sales enablement hires, as well as tools and software designed to introduce a new level of efficiency in the sales process. Although these forces point to a positive future, the sales enablement category is still very much in its infancy, leaving...

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