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Author: Brittany Griffin

Dialer Software Forecasts B2B Sales Based on the Weather

Does the weather affect the chance of getting a prospect on the phone? InsideSales.com CEO and Founder Dave Elkington thought it might and decided to test his theory. InsideSales.com is commonly known for its dialer software, PowerDialer, that has helped customers improve contact rates by up to 65 percent, increase call volumes by up to eight times, enhance contact analysis and boost sales team motivation. Through its service of providing dialer software to thousands of salespeople across the country, InsideSales.com has collected and sequenced millions of anonymized profiles and sales transactions. The answer to Elkington’s question is yes. Weather does...

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InsideSales.com Executives Named Among 50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management

Three executives from InsideSales.com have been named among the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management by the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA). Thousands of industry professionals voted to determine the leaders in sales lead management.  InsideSales.com CEO and Founder David Elkington, President and Founder Ken Krogue and VP of Sales Michael Critchfield made the list for the second consecutive year. “We are honored to be recognized again by our peers as leaders in the sales lead management space,” Elkington said. “We at InsideSales.com work hard to maintain a high quality of expertise in lead management and share...

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Why Timing Is Everything When Responding to Web Leads

Speed matters when it comes to effectively responding to web leads. InsideSales.com conducted an original research study in 2007 and again in 2012 that found that if a company calls a lead within five minutes of the time the prospect submitted a web form, it is 100 times more likely to get that prospect on the phone than if contact was attempted just 30 minutes later. Timing is everything! A mere 30 minutes makes a difference off 100 times — that’s a game-changer. Lead Response Report So, for the past six years, InsideSales.com has conducted multiple studies on how fast companies respond to web leads, including an annual review of companies that attend Dreamforce, the largest vendor technology conference hosted by Salesforce. In the two months leading up to Dreamforce 2013, InsideSales.com reviewed 3,446 companies who attended Dreamforce in 2011 and 2012 as well as publicized sponsors in 2013. The average first call response time of all companies that responded by phone was 40 hours and 56 minutes. Of the companies reviewed, 60 percent eventually responded to the leads submitted, compared with just 27 percent last year. “While more companies did respond to the leads this year, 40 percent of the companies reviewed did not respond at all,” InsideSales.com President and Founder Ken Krogue said. “Imagine what a CEO or CMO would think if they knew that their team was not contacting their...

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InsideSales.com Unveils Industry’s First Comprehensive Sales Acceleration Platform at Dreamforce 2013

Dreamforce 2013 is the world’s largest vendor technology conference with more than 120,000 registered attendees. So, it comes as no surprise that companies choose Dreamforce as the place to make announcements, and InsideSales.com made a big one. The global leader in cloud-based sales acceleration technologies and solutions unveiled the sales industry’s first comprehensive product family that accelerates sales for companies of all sizes. “We have sequenced the sales process,” InsideSales.com CEO and Founder Dave Elkington said. “Our research has identified four areas that are key to sales success: enhanced communications for immediate response, gamification for sales motivation, predictive analytics for lead prioritization and data visualization for an immersive experience with sales data. We have now created a platform that bridges the elusive gap between sales and marketing.” PowerDialer™ for Salesforce 6.0 changes the sales communications experience by providing one-click call, email, fax, SMS, inbound / outbound availability, robust reporting and analytics — all in one platform. The new version also includes gamification tools and breakthroughs in data science for lead prioritization. PowerStandings™, the new InsideSales.com gamification tool, motivates sales reps and increases visibility with real-time performance rankings and customizable achievements, badges and challenges.  PowerStandings’ adaptive features learn what motivates sales reps and customize messaging to provide an optimal experience for each user. Neuralytics™ predictive analytics applies years of data collection, analytics and patented machine learning algorithms to prioritize leads...

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Inside Sales Growing 300% Faster Than Traditional Field Sales

InsideSales.com conducted research revealing that inside sales is growing 300 percent faster than outside sales, with 42,400 non-retail inside sales jobs being created per year. “A new sales model is emerging. It’s not an evolution, it’s a revolution,” InsideSales.com CEO and Founder David Elkington said. “Organizations like ADP, IBM, HP and Google are shifting resources from expensive field sales models and deploying massive inside sales departments. This shows that the inside sales industry is ready to explode.” The 2013 Inside Sales Market Size Survey, conducted by the InsideSales.com Research and Analytics Division, found that outside sales reps are also spending more time selling remotely, with an average of 41 percent of their time spent conducting sales on the phone and Internet. “Inside sales is fast, cost-effective and tailored to the needs of today’s hyper-educated buyers. Travel expenses are minimized, and inside sales reps are achieving a higher percentage of quota than outside sales reps,” InsideSales.com President and Founder Ken Krogue said. “Inside sales also offers buyers increased flexibility. They can watch a half-hour demo from their own office rather than setting aside half a day to meet with a salesperson.” According to the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) Founder Bob Perkins, today’s customers want immediate, succinct, relevant and experienced interactions at all points of the sales cycle, from prospecting through the close.  “Traditional face-to-face misses out on the immediate...

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