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Author: Chris Orlob

The Anatomy of Successful Cold Calling

Cold calling is not dead yet, and while some are still debating whether it is or not, successful salespeople are finding new clients and adding new business by simply applying some art and science to their cold calls. This year I spoke at InsideSales.com’s AI Growth Summit and took apart the cold call, trying to identify the best strategies for contacting leads cold by phone. At Gong.io, we analyzed over 90,000 cold call recordings with Artificial Intelligence. Using this data, we have uncovered the science of what makes a great cold call, and how salespeople can increase their chances...

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The Best Times for Scheduled Sales Calls and Demos

I worked for InsideSales.com for over two years. It was one of the best learning experiences of my career. What drew me to the company was the data and research they had on sales and lead response management. Who knew that leads are more likely to answer their phones on certain days of the week and times of day? Fascinating. Fast forward to 2017, and I’ve found myself running product marketing for a conversation intelligence company called Gong that does research on sales conversations conducted by account executives. Not much has changed with me, has it? InsideSales.com’s research answered...

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