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Author: Dave Elkington

Lead Response Infographic – How Many Touches To Make A Sale

Lead response management, or LRM, doesn’t have to be a headache thanks to these best practices. Check out how companies are currently faring on their response to leads based on the best practices we’ve laid out in our Lead Response Audit study. RELATED: Lead Response Secrets: 3 Tips From Winners of Best Lead Response 2018 In this article: LRM Data for Improved Sales Performance Lead Management Best Practices Best Days to Make Calls Best Time to Make Contact Response Time Persistence Response Audit Mastering LRM to Close Sales | Are Companies Actually Making the Most of the Opportunities in Lead...

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How Do You Quantify A Lead To Expand Your Sales Pipeline And Increase Sales Velocity | Stretching The Sales Funnel

Speed up and expand your sales funnel by learning how to quantify your leads. In this article: The Problem with Overqualifying Leads Qualifying Leads with BANT Quantify Leads in High-Velocity Sales Funnel Work on BANT with These Questions How Quantifying Your Leads Can Help Your Business   The Problem with Overqualifying Leads The ability to quantify or measure the value of the leads is essential for any business. Lead generation and management cost time and money companies may never be able to get back. Companies are spending huge amounts of their marketing budget on new and innovative tools, techniques,...

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The 5 Characteristics of Great Leaders

While planning this month’s virtual sales leadership conference, my interaction with a highly impressive selection of sales leaders made me reflect on what qualities actually make them so good at what they do. I’ve hired some really good leaders and fired some really bad ones. In addition, I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored by some of the best leaders across this nation. In all my interactions and through a lot of self-learning, I’ve come up with a list of five characteristics that great leaders possess. I’ve never met a leader who has mastered all five characteristics. I find some...

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Why We Changed Our User Conference to a Business Growth Summit

I’ve shared things in presentations and meetings that have gotten me odd looks over the years,  but when I told my leadership team I wanted to change the format of our “user” conference and replace it with an executive leadership summit, I admittedly received some surprised looks. Let’s be real, just about every company has a user conference. We certainly did; it was growing to exceed 2000+ attendees. We had bands, parties, swag, etc. The problem with user conferences are that they are really just about the company and their products, cushioned with some best practice sessions and a...

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The Path to Artificial Intelligence: Digital Sales Transformation

Technology doesn’t amount to much if it’s not properly implemented and it doesn’t produce results in the business environment. Going through a digital sales transformation is vital if companies are to adapt to the changing market. The digital sales transformation is about leveraging data and science and optimizing your process to help you sell more. I’m here to run you through the process of sales transformation, and show you what this means to business results.   Phase I: Sales Productivity and Effectiveness The first phase of sales transformation is the productivity phase. While InsideSales.com specializes in AI for sales,...

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