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Author: Dan Tyre

5 Referral Strategies to Help You Overcome the Summer Sales Slump

It’s a common problem with sales teams around the globe. As soon as the hottest months of the year roll around, sales seem to dry up. Perhaps it’s because more of your leads are on holiday, maybe they’re more focused on topping up their tan, or it could just be a case of perception manifesting as reality. But the fact remains sales tend to slump during the summer months. If you want to keep your Q3 sales up, you’ve got to know how to combat the summer sales slump, which is exactly what I’m going to run through with...

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How to Use Video to Generate More Sales Opportunities

The hardest part of the sales process has always been engagement. With the increase in competition and the over-saturation of communication through popular channels, it’s no wonder the best sales reps are constantly looking for the next evolution to leverage. One of the ways to build more sales opportunities today is to use communication mediums that stand out, like sales videos, to reach your prospects. If you limit yourself to simple text in your outreach, then you’re consigning yourself to a level playing ground with the thousands of other brands clamoring to be heard. Images can help increase engagement,...

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The Secret to Repeat Business: 5 Tips to Building a Great Customer Experience

Could you imagine ignoring the hot leads you spent time and energy attracting and qualifying? What if these were high value leads who had expressed an interest in exactly the product that you sell? That would be madness. Right? But  it’s what businesses are doing everyday; pouring all their resources into attracting new customers while neglecting the customers they already have. They are missing out on a huge opportunity. Current customers are high value assets who are far easier to re-engage and resell to.  In fact, research has shown it’s 5-25X more expensive to attract new customers than retain...

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