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Author: Gabe Larsen

What Are The Five Traits of Great Leaders

What do great leaders have in common? In this podcast, I’ll share InsideSales.com’s Founder and CEO Dave Elikington’s insights on leadership. In this article: Introduction Domain Expertise Hiring and Recruiting Who Should You Be Hiring? Building and Mentoring Numbers, Numbers, Numbers! Executive Relationships and Sponsorships Self Evaluation Five Traits Great Leaders Have in Common   Introduction According to Elkington, there are five important leadership traits that are often cultivated over the course of one’s career. Great leaders will have a few, but most will work towards getting more over their careers. Leadership Traits Definition: These are characteristics that make someone...

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How to Create A Cultural Transformation for Your Inside Sales Team

Millennials are tough no matter how you slice it. The way they expect to work and they way they expect to sell is different than any generation before them. Nobody knows this better than Craig Parrish from McAfee. He’s been doing inside sales for almost 20 years and he’s battled training and coaching for a variety if different generational sales people. In this episode, Craig takes us through some of his experiences in transforming the culture of McAfee....

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How To Pay Your Sales Development Reps

Learn the importance of providing the right sales development representative salary and compensation, and how this can help you achieve your business objectives. In this article: About Alex Hudzik: Nasuni Global Director of Inside Sales 5 Things To Avoid When Creating A Sales Development Representative Salary Compensation Plan Preferring Simplicity Over KPIs That Matter Creating A Compensation Plan That Does Not Promote A Fair Playing Field Ways You Can Weight Different KPI Components Coaching on Best Practices But Not Motivating SDRs to Apply Them Paying SDRs In A Way Where They Don’t Have Control Over Their Compensation Providing Incentives...

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What Are Your Strengths And How To Sell Using Your Skills?

What are your strengths and how can they impact your work? It’s important to learn how to sell using your talents and strengths to maximize your unique potential. In this podcast, I talk to Soar CEO and Global Strengths Evangelist, Paul Allen, about the importance of identifying and developing strengths. In this article: Who Is Paul Allen? How Allen Discovered the Global Strengths Movement Why Did the Strengths Movement Begin? Development of StrengthsFinder Assessment What Are Talents and Strengths? How Do You Turn a Talent into a Strength? Busting Myths What Are the Four Talent Themes? What Differentiates Strength Finders...

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How To Create Careers For Sales Development

Learn more about the main problem in career progression within the field of sales development as well as ways to address it in the article below. In this article: About My Guest — Ryan Schertzer The Current State of the Sales Development Role Top Problem with Career Progression in Sales Development Creating Career Progression for Sales Development Reps Using a System of Requirements and Rewards Three Rewards That Matter to Sales Development Reps Money Plays a Role in Career Progression Recognition and Its Role in Career Progression Job Titles and Their Role in Career Progression Making a Career Progression...

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