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Author: Gabe Larsen

How We Built $1.6m in Pipeline Just By Cold Calling

Is cold calling dead? We don’t think so, so we decided to put it to the test using a predictive dialer. See the results here! In this article: Introduction Is Cold Calling Dead? Cold Calling Lead Generation: Predictive Sales Technology Cold Calling is NOT Dead Conclusion The Cold Calling Experiment – Building up Your Sales Leads   Introduction Why cold calling still works, this was the subject of a heated debate we had with Mario Martinez from Vengreso. During our webinar, we discussed which method is better to build a quality pipeline fast: cold calling vs digital prospecting via...

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Account Management: The Next Business Growth Frontier

The first sale is no longer sufficient to generate long-term, sustainable revenue growth. It’s even more important in today’s digital SaaS world where customers have more options than ever before and switching costs are at the lowest point in history. Account management has to join sales as a strategic revenue function responsible for not only managing existing customers, but also extending the lifetime value and turning them into strategic, long term relationships. In this article: Recurring Revenue in a Digital World Account Manager | The Challenges as Strategic Revenue Drivers Productive, Effective, and Structured Account Management How To Be...

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How to Sell with Your Strengths

Strengths is an important word in selling. Sales people can’t be the best at everything but great managers find what they are good at and they ensure they do more of that. In this episode, Paul Allen, CEO of Soar talks about the strengths-based selling movement and how strengths can and should play a role in every sales organization. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: – InsideSales.com – Paul’s LinkedIn  – Subscribe to Gabe’s Content In This Episode You’ll Learn: – What Strengths are – How you can use your strengths in selling – How to manage around your...

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How to Improve the Sales with Reporting & Analytics

Everything requires data right? Well, the sales process isn’t any different. Most leaders know they need data but they don’t know how to structure or really use it. In this episode, Justin Jarus, talks about data and how you can improve the sales process through reporting an analytics. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: – Justin’s LinkedIn – Subscribe to Gabe’s Content In This Episode You’ll Learn: How do you get started? Picking KPIs and Supporting Metrics/Reports, Crawl; Walk; Run What do you measure? What behaviors matter, how those impact KPIs, and reporting How do you find insights? Measuring,...

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