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Author: Gabe Larsen

Building An Integrated Sales & Marketing Engine w/ Phillip Anderson @BCG

Constructing an integrated sales and marketing system may be quite challenging. In this episode of Sales Secrets, Phillip Anderson from Boston Consulting Group will be sharing his secrets to aligning sales and marketing. Keep reading to find out more. RELATED: Marketing And Sales: Why They Need Each Other In this article: What Is Integrated Sales and Marketing? Six Digital Must-Haves Focusing on Customers Building Cross-Functional Capabilities Investing in Digital Marketing Building in the Data as Foundation Taking Advantage of Inside Sales Achieving An Integrated Sales and Marketing Structure Phillip Anderson is a partner and managing director at the Boston Consulting...

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Your Hiring Is Broken & How You Can Fix It

Find out how you can improve your practices when it comes to hiring sales representatives from PerceptionPredict® CEO Brett Morris. Read on to find out more. RELATED: Why You Need Data Driven Hiring…NOW! In this article: The Problem with Hiring Sales Representatives How to Hire a Sales Team: Why You Need Data-Driven Hiring How to Determine the Status of Your Sales Hiring What a Scientific Model for Hiring Sales Representatives Looks Like Why Organizations Don’t Apply Data-Driven Hiring How You Can Implement Data-Driven Hiring How PerceptionPredict® Is Different Tips for Hiring Sales Representatives Brett Morris is the CEO and...

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Five Secrets to Using Video in Sales

If you haven’t heard, video is here to stay. We did a research study and found that only 10.4% of salespeople say they are using video in sales. What does that mean for you? It should scream opportunity. Remember when it comes to prospecting, different is good so if nobody is doing it, you should probably consider it. The question is, what are the secrets to using video in sales and can you win with this emerging technology?    Secret One: The Recording Don’t be shy. Put on your big boy pants and get it done. Stand up, be...

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Mapping The Sales Process: 6 Steps For Success

Doing sales mapping can be fast and easy with these six sales process steps. Keep reading to find out more. RELATED: 7 Most Common Mistakes In Sales Process Mapping And How To Avoid Them In this article: A Business Needs to Have a Sales Process Map What Is a Sales Process? Sales Process vs Sales Methodology Types of Sales Methodology Six Steps for Sales Mapping Understand the Process Stages That Make Up Your Sales Organization Define a Structure for Sales Mapping Map the Current State Process Review the Current State for Strengths and Opportunities Create a Future State Process...

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Three Paralyzing Mistakes Of SDR Teams w/Becc Holland @G2

Becc Holland of G2 shares with us the top three sales operations mistakes that SDR teams commit and how to solve them. Keep reading to find out more. RELATED: Top Tips for Sales Development In this article: Discovering the SDR Industry’s Problems Sales Operations Problems: The Three Paralyzing Mistakes of SDR Teams Mistake #1: KPI Systems How to Solve the Problem in Accrediting Inbound and Round-Robining How to Solve the Problem with the Weighting System Mistake #2: Personalization How to Solve the Problem with Personalization What Strategy Works Best for Cold Emails? Mistake #3: Requiring BANT Qualification Should You...

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