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Author: Gabe Larsen

Why Sales Reps Spend So Little Time Selling

In January, I talked about the Time Management study we did that shows how little of a salesperson’s time is spent on actual selling. In an article written in collaboration with Ken Krogue, president of InsideSales.com, and published by Forbes magazine, I got to examine this study a little bit further. Learn more about our findings and which skill we think is highly essential to become a successful sales rep in this post. In this article: How Much Time Do Sales Professionals Really Spend on Selling? Sales Reps Spend Only 35% of Time Selling Time Management Skills How We Can...

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Only 28% of Business Deals Are Forecasted Accurately, Shows New Research

Many sales leaders are frustrated about the hit-and-miss aspect of sales forecasting. With mountains of data cramped into sales forecast spreadsheets and no meaningful way to find out what’s really important, it sometimes feels like nothing more than reading the tea leaves. New data from InsideSales.com shows it’s not far from the truth. Only 28.1% of closed deals are predicted accurately 90 days out, and the actual close amounts differ by 31% from forecasts, shows new research on sales forecasting by InsideSales.com Labs. In this article: Forecast Accuracy Versus Reality in the Sales Forecasting Process Accurate Sales Forecasts? | Only 28.1%...

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AI Growth Innovators to Share Digital Sales Transformation Lessons at InsideSales.com ACCELERATE NYC

Fast-growth company leaders think and act differently when it comes to using advanced analytics and data for a competitive advantage. They don’t hoard data, they leverage it to unlock above-market growth and sales effectiveness. Speakers from Cisco, CA, Broadridge, teem+wework, iHeartRadio, Harvard Business School, Anaplan, Wharton Business School, McKinsey, and others will share how they approach analytics, behavioral data, sales operations, and data-driven marketing in the Age of Intelligence with attendees of InsideSales.com ACCELERATE NYC, including: EVP and President of CenturyLink’s GEMS Business Unit, Vernon Irvin, will reveal how his team uses AI and insights into the buying behavior...

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Ten Things You Must Do to Have a Successful Power Hour

So, we’ve all been there. You’re nearing the end of the quarter and you need to quickly round up more sales opportunities for your account executive team. I’m naturally no fan of the end of the quarter mad rush, but sometimes you just need to build pipeline fast. One of the activities you can do with the sales team is to organize a Power Hour. In this article: What Is A Power Hour? Put It On the Calendar Make Sure It’s the Right Time Management Must Participate Have the List Ready Huddle Before the Power Hour Have Fun Set...

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