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Author: Gabe Larsen

The Six Principles Of Sales Forecasting

Have you read our free ebook Building a Sales Forecasting Strategy That Works? In this post, we give you a sneak peek of the important points discussed in the book, including the six steps in building an effective sales forecasting strategy. RELATED: 4 Bad Rep Behaviors That Lead To Inaccurate Sales Forecasting In this article: Building a Sales Forecasting Strategy Define Sales Stages Determine Stage Probability Build Forecast Categories Use Predictive Forecasting Establish a Forecast Cadence Measuring Pipeline Metrics How to Create an Effective Sales Forecasting Strategy in Six Steps Building a Sales Forecasting Strategy A strategic forecasting method can help...

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9 Best Predictive Dialers For Your Business

Thinking of getting a predictive dialer for your sales team? Learn more about this technology and our top picks of predictive dialers on the market in this post. RELATED: Predictive Dialers vs. PowerDialer: Everything You Need to Know Choosing The Best Auto Dialer To Grow Your Business Predictive Dialer Definition: A type of technology for outbound calling that dials phone numbers automatically from a predetermined list. 1. Five9 Five9’s artificial intelligence-powered platform does a lot more than an average dialer does. It frees the hands of agents to do more by automating some data entry tasks and makes qualifying interactions...

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7 Ways To Boost Sales Effectiveness

In this post, we’ll show you ways to increase sales effectiveness, which can propel your company in the right direction in terms of boosting productivity, staff motivation, and sales. Read on to learn more. RELATED: 3 App Savvy Tips To Enhance Sales Effectiveness In this article: Align Sales Goals With Overall Company Strategy Study The Best Practices of The Top 20% Performers Check Training Gaps for Your Bottom 20% Review Every Step of Your Sales Process and See Where You Can Make Improvements Work in Tandem with Marketing Empower Your Team With Sales Enablement Utilize Sales Analytics to Constantly Improve...

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How To Create A Profitable House Account Strategy w/Jen Tadin @Gallagher

Learn about how you can use the house account strategy to make your business more efficient and profitable with Gallagher’s Jen Tadin. RELATED: Stop Pitching: Start Solving Problems for Your Customers In this article: About My Guest — Jen Tadin of Gallagher What Is a House Account? How to Create a Profitable House Account Strategy Learn How to Manage Small and Large Accounts Pay Your Salespeople Well to Win Small Accounts How to Manage Your Salespeople’s Expectations on Compensation Create a Balance Between Sourcing and Managing Accounts Create Segments for Your Accounts According to Their Size Why You Need to...

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Marketing And Sales: Why They Need Each Other

Fact: marketing and sales need each other, and the alignment between these two teams is crucial for any business organization. Learn more about why it’s important to align these two teams in this post. RELATED: How To Align Sales And Marketing In this article: The Usual Scenario in Most Companies — A Disconnect Between Marketing and Sales Harvard Business Review Study How Widespread Is the Disconnect? Tips on How to Align the Two Teams Marketing and Sales | A Necessary Pairing The Usual Scenario in Most Companies — A Disconnect Between Marketing and Sales Despite many ideas to the contrary, marketing...

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