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Author: Gabe Larsen

Cold Calling is NOT Dead: How We Built 1.1M in Pipeline Using the Phone

Some people may say that cold calling is dead, but for me, it definitely is not. Here’s why. In this article: Is Cold Calling Dead? How Cold Calls Can Help Sales Teams Build Pipeline Cold Calling Using Artificial Intelligence Traditional Cold Calling vs Cold Calling with AI The Cold Call Experiment The 6 P’s of a Prospecting Call Using the P’s for Cold Calling Success The Future of Cold Calling Cold Calling Is Dead? Not When Done Right!   Is Cold Calling Dead? How Cold Calls Can Help Sales Teams Build Pipeline I’ve been tasked with building $100M in...

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15 Sales Management Software And CRMs Used By Sales Teams

If you’re looking for a sales management software that will help your sales team be more productive and efficient, this list is for you. In this article: How To Find The Right Sales Management Tools For Your Company Top Sales Management Software and CRMs That Sales Teams Use CRMs for Enterprise Companies CRMs for SMB and Mid-sized Companies Top Sales Management Software and CRMs For Sales Teams Sales Management Software Definition: This refers to the systems that allow Sales Managers and their teams gain more insight into their organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs). This also helps in accountability, as it...

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Why You Need Data Driven Hiring…NOW!

In this podcast, I talk to sales recruitment expert Dr. Christopher Croner about how to bring the best team members onboard and boost team productivity by adopting a more effective hiring process backed up by science, data, and proven techniques. In this article: The Importance of Adopting a Data-Driven Hiring Process About My Guest — Christopher Croner, Principal of Sales Drive Test Why Do Sales Managers Find It Hard to Hire Team Members? No Hiring Process Using the Same Hiring Process Not Asking the Right Questions Why Are Sales Managers Behind in Data-Driven Hiring? What to Look for in...

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8 Things You Need To Know About Responding To Inbound Leads

Try these essential inbound sales lead management tips to get the attention of your prospects effectively. In this article: An Introduction to Inbound Leads Respond to High Priority Inbound Leads in Under 5 Minutes Find the Balance Between Speed and Score Don’t Ever Reach out and Start a Conversation with This Line: “May I Help You”? People Who Download Your Content Will Most Likely Never Read It Prospects Rarely Want to Talk to a Salesperson Prospects Are Impressed with Hustle If You’re Going to Reach Out, Do It Immediately and Don’t Wait for a Couple of Days Account-Based Sales Don’t...

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How to Find Direct Dial Phone Numbers When Prospecting

Dan MacLean from Proposify posed a question on Linked that is really tough. He asked how reps can find the best phone numbers to call when prospecting. All the people who don’t believe in the phone can stop reading right now. For the rest of us who live in reality, you might want to keep reading. Here’s the deal– there is no easy answer, but here are a few things you can try to make sure you get your direct dial numbers right.   3rd Party Vendors  Test vendors like crazy. You have go and try different vendors and...

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