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Author: Gabe Larsen

How The Top 10% Stay On Top w/Brad Jung @Russell Investments

Learn all about having the right habits, attitude, and mindset to stay on top of the sales industry! In this episode of Sales Secrets, I talk to Brad Jung of Russell Investments. RELATED: How To Become An Agile Inside Sales Rep In this article: About My Guest — Brad Jung, Managing Director of North America Sales at Russell Investments What Separates the Good from the Bad How Can Sales Leaders Help Their Employees Prepare? How Do Top-Performing Sales Reps Build Connections? Getting to the Why and Solving Problems Learning to Listen Evolving into a Consultant Rather than a Sales Agent...

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How To Use Technology To Scale Your Sales Team w/Christopher Fago @Palo Alto Networks

Learn how you can use technology to scale your sales team from Christopher Fago, Cloud Security Sales Manager of Palo Alto Networks. RELATED: Unraveling the Sales Technology Stack In this article: Introduction About My Guest — Christopher Fago, Cloud Security Sales Manager at Palo Alto Networks On Nailing and Scaling Sales Teams Secrets to Nailing a Sales Team Moving Towards Technology Choosing the Right Technology The Inbound-Priority-Outbound Sales Model Relating Prospecting and High-Volume Dialing Tech The Quick Nail and Scale Sales Team Management | Scale Your Sales Team with Technology Scaling Definition: A process of building up a sales team...

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How To Create A Cultural Transformation For Your Inside Sales Team

Do you want to learn how to begin a cultural transformation within your sales team so you’ll become a more dynamic organization? In this episode of Sales Secrets, I talk to Craig Parrish, VP of Inside Sales at McAfee. RELATED: How To Create A Winning Culture In this article: About My Guest — Craig Parrish, VP of Inside Sales, McAfee Build Different Tracks for Career Growth Within Your Organization Turn Diversity and Inclusion Into Your Team’s Cultural Pillars Authenticity Activates Dramatic Cultural Shifts Small Investments in Motivating Your Team Pay Huge Dividends Blueprint Processes With Your Team Cultural Transformation |...

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How Do You Differentiate in Sales? w/Lee Salz @Sales Architects

 In this Sales Secrets episode, Lee Salz of Sales Architects reveals the sales strategy that will make you stand out to your clients. RELATED: SPIN Selling | Perfect Way to Drive a Sales Conversation [INFOGRAPHIC] In this article: About My Guest — Lee Salz of Sales Architects How to Differentiate in Sales: Don’t Say You’re the “Best” Sales Strategy: What Alternative Can Salespeople Use? What Is Sales Differentiation? Why You Shouldn’t Have Only One Elevator Pitch Sales Differentiation: What You Sell Salespeople Are the Solution Experts Sales Strategy: How to Improve Your Discovery Call Sales Strategy: How to...

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How AI Is Disrupting Sales w/Damian O’Farrill @Autodesk

 Learn about the future of AI in sales from artificial intelligence practitioner Damian O’Farrill in this episode of Sales Secrets. RELATED: Sales AI: The Connection Between Artificial Intelligence And Sales In this article: About My Guest—Damian O’Farrill of Autodesk Utilizing Sales Artificial Intelligence The Future of AI: Will It Replace Sales Reps? How You Can Use AI for Sales Why Your Organization Needs a Data Scientist Where Do Data Scientists Belong in the Organization? How Is AI Affecting the Sales Process in a Positive Way? Why You Should Utilize Data Science and Data Strategy The Future of AI in...

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