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Author: Jessica Winn

5 Must Read Sales Books For Inside Sales Reps

Looking for the best sales books? Whether you’re looking to improve your sales pitch, learn the secrets of closing, or learn how to influence people, read on for some of the must-reads for any inside sales rep. RELATED: Winning Sales Tips And Sales Strategies From A Hungry Team Who Dared To Dream In this article: How Reading the Top Sales Books for Sales Professionals Can Help Reps Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customer – Seth Godin How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie Never Eat Alone – Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz...

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The Cycle Of Customer Loyalty: 8 Tips To Live By

Read on and learn how to build strong customer loyalty for your business’ positive brand reputation. RELATED: Random Musings on the Real “Competitive Advantage” of Customer Service In this article: Establishing Excellent Customer Service to Build and Maintain Brand Loyalty Capture, Case, & Fix Issues Get NPS Score with Comments Case & Fix Comments Call and Dig for More Issues Commit to Earn Loyalty (Comments/Referrals) Fix All Issues Get New NPS Score Ask for Comments/Referrals Tips for Building and Maintaining Customer Loyalty to Boost Your Image Establishing Excellent Customer Service to Build and Maintain Brand Loyalty You know you’re doing...

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How To Reach Your Sales Quota During The Holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]

Meeting a sales quota during the holidays can be very challenging for the sales reps. After all, they want some vacation time, too! Here’s how sales managers can help. RELATED: Why Your Reps Are Not Hitting Quota And How They Can W/Ron Hollis @InsideSales.com In this article: The Importance of Sales Goal Setting for the Holidays 4 Ideas to Help Sales Reps Reach Their Holiday Sales Quota Sales Quota | How to Help Sales Reps Hit Their Numbers During the Holidays Click here to jump to the infographic. The Importance of Sales Goal Setting for the Holidays Let me tell...

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Five Fantastic Movies Focused on Sales

There are a lot of movies about sales. “Death of a Salesman,” “Glengarry Glen Ross,” “Broiler Room” and many other movies have all explored the world of sales and those who close the big deals. But there are some other movies that have also taken a look at what making money all means and how to be successful at it. Here are a few movies about business, sales and how it’s all run: 1. Moneyball: Data wins every time. In this Brad Pitt flick, baseball general manager Billy Bean makes a move no one in the industry believes in. He bases his decisions to pick certain players on statistics only. In the end his decision pays off and changes the world of baseball forever. Sales reps can learn a thing or two from this movie. It’s not about what feels right; you should base your strategies and game plans around what the data tells you. 2. Jerry Maguire: A man has a change of heart when he takes a long, hard look at the sports agency he works for and decides things need to change. Unfortunately, he is fired after he distributes his thoughts at work. Struggling to hold onto the few athletes he tries to represent, he is left with two players he has to fight for. “Jerry Maguire” is ultimately a story about business and the ethics surrounding...

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6 Ways Your Sales Reps and Pet Cat are More Alike Than You Think

If sales reps were classified as a certain animal it would be the cat. Not a big cat, or king of the jungle cat, but the clever housecat that gives you those condescending looks until you pull out the tuna. Cats are interesting creatures that know what they want, are patient, intelligent predators that go in for the kill. Here are some other ways inside sales reps relate to our feline friends: 1. Finer Things: What sales rep or cat doesn’t want to have it all? They’re ambitious and will take whatever they think they can get away with; they don’t want just what you give them. Case in point: that promotion at work. Sales reps will set their eyes on it even if they’re the newest recruit. Those older, more seasoned cats better watch out because some upstart might be gunning for the top spot on the cat tower. 2. Scaredy Cat: Cats and sales reps aren’t afraid of a challenge, even if it could squish them. Rottweiler vs. a tiny kitten? Bring it.Even if intimidated, sales reps aren’t afraid of a challenge and will tackle it head on if given the opportunity. Not much fazes them and they welcome something that offers a challenge and could be a potential game. 3. Worship Me: Cats think that they rule everything in the vicinity. If you’ve ever brought a...

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