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Author: John Ternieden

How to Pitch Anything and Close More Deals

Oren Klaff, managing director at Intersection capital and best-selling author, has used his professional experience as an investment banker to address common problems facing sales professionals. Through his work, which includes selling companies, Oren has learned valuable insights and best practices that can help sales professionals sell anything, regardless of their industry. Here are a few of the gems Oren shared during his session at the InsideSales.com Sales Acceleration Summit 2016. Stop wasting time According to Oren, most selling today is broken.   He led off his session by reviewing the ABC model of selling (Always Be Closing) and...

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Microsoft’s Stephanie Dart Shares Sales Productivity Secrets

The old ways of selling are quickly fading as empowered buyers are changing the way they approach B2B sales. Stephanie Dart, director of product marketing at Microsoft, reminds us that today’s buyers are more informed, savvy and influential than ever before. During InsideSales.com’s 2016 Sales Acceleration Summit, Stephanie discussed how the rise of social media and mobile has created a generation of super buyers. As a result, sellers must adapt and become increasingly more productive, doing more with less, if they hope to meet the demands of this new sales era. B2B sales in 2016 Buyers are engaging with...

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Sales Leaders Bullish on 2016 Growth [Infographic]

InsideSales.com debuted its quarterly Business Growth Index research report in March, revealing sales confidence and providing insight into the speculated “tech bubble,” which may be more bluster than reality. Contrary to negative predictions based on the market’s slow start this year, the data shows an increase in sales opportunities by nearly 11% and an impressive 10% increase in deal sizes. Overall, sales leaders project a 31% increase in year-over-year sales growth for 2016, up from 23 percent in 2015. For a snapshot of the report’s key findings, check out the infographic below. For more detailed information, you can download the...

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The Challenger Customer: Finding and Engaging Mobilizers in B2B Sales

Brent Adamson, principal executive adviser at CEB and best-selling author, led one of the most popular sessions at InsideSales.com’s Sales Acceleration Summit 2016. Brent discussed the different stakeholder personas in B2B sales and which ones star performers focus on. It’s been ingrained in our minds that success in B2B sales is all about making the right connections. And while that’s true, we have a warped perception of whom we should connect with. Don’t let the title fool you. The best person to speak with isn’t always the highest on the chain of command. Instead of trying to reach those...

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The Path to Profitable Sales in Turbulent Times

“To understand the future, we have to go back in time.” – Pitbull In October 2008, four year’s after InsideSales.com’s inception, Dave Elkington faced a CEO’s worst nightmare. He didn’t have the cash to meet payroll. As the U.S. economy nosedived alongside the housing market, access to money quickly evaporated. “Our line of credit was called in,” Elkington said. “One morning we looked at our bank account and all the funds were gone. We started giving hugs and saying our farewells, but our senior managers rallied. Some of our clients agreed to pay months in advance for our product...

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