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Author: Judd Bagley

Dave Elkington interviews Greg Meehan, VP of Sales at Edwards Lifesciences

Our CEO Dave Elkington has possibly the most interesting LinkedIn blog in the world of B2B sales. That’s because he dedicates the space not to promoting his own ideas, but promoting the ideas of other leaders in the space. His most recent installment is no exception. In it, Dave chats with Greg Meehan, VP of sales at Edwards Lifesciences. They discuss Greg’s belief that the key to success in sales management is about 30% vision and 70% execution. As Dave drills down on that concept, he uncovers the fact that Greg started his professional career as a wide receiver...

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InsideSales.com’s Dave Elkington named to list of top 50 SaaS CEOs

SaaS technology is the hottest thing going, and our own CEO Dave Elkington runs one of the hottest cloud companies out there, according to The SaaS Report. The list of the top 50 SaaS company CEOs was based on such criteria as: company growth work culture product technology financial performance professional experience This recognition follows our recent repeat inclusion in the Forbes Cloud 100. As is the case in the Cloud 100, Utah CEOs are over represented in the SaaS Report top 50. Elkington is joined by Josh James, founder and CEO of Utah-based business intelligence firm...

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The Future of Cold Calling

A day in the life of a sales prospecting team has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. With the rise of technology, traditional smile-and-dial cold calling campaigns aren’t as effective as they used to be. Near to 70 percent of the buyer’s journey now takes place online, without even so much as making any contact with sales reps. It’s the era where the client is king, and he is more empowered than ever to make his own purchasing decisions. In this context, organizations have scaled back their use of traditional cold calling. For all you outsiders to the sales...

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InsideSales.com’s David Boyce interviewed by NASDAQ

While at the Forbes 2017 Cloud 100 event last night, our (newly promoted) Chief Strategy Officer David Boyce had a chat with a reporter from NASDAQ, discussing what makes InsideSales technology unique and how we’re transforming B2B sales through the power of AI and the cloud. Dave also offered some interesting insights into his personal working style, his relationship with technology, the Yin and Yang of customer support requests and the wise approach to financing a startup. I’ll close this post as David himself closed his interview: rock...

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InsideSales.com returns to the Forbes Cloud 100 list

The second annual Forbes Cloud 100 list was published today, and InsideSales.com is featured for the second year in a row. The Cloud 100 is a prestigious list populated by some of the biggest innovators on the planet. If you want to see the future of tech, this is where to look. Selection is limited to privately held companies offering cloud-based software solutions. The evaluation criteria are as follows: Estimated Valuation (30%) Operating Metrics (20%) People and Culture (15%) Market Leadership (35%) We’re honored that the judges, comprised primarily of the CEOs of publicly traded cloud companies, recognize the...

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