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Author: Leo Dirr

Cold Calling Secrets: How To Eliminate Fear, Failure, And Rejection

Sales teams can improve their performances by using a sales dialer and smart calling. Read on to find out how here! In this article: Make More Productive Calls with Smart Calling Techniques Phone Prospecting Myths Myth 1: Prospecting and Cold Calling Are Dead Myth 2: Prospecting Is Just a Numbers Game Myth 3: For Every “No” You Get, You’re That Much Closer to a “Yes” Myth 4: You’ve Got to Love Rejection How to Get Your Prospects Saying “Yes” How Smart Calling Works The Smart Call Process How to Gather Useful Information How to Set Clear Objectives How to...

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‘The Sales Development Playbook’ by Trish Bertuzzi [Book Review]

What sales playbook template do you follow? Check out the six best ways that managers can boost the performance of their sales team to maximize the pipeline and generate more profit in The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi. In this article: About the Book It’s All About the Leads Recruiting and Retention A Must-Read for Modern Sales Leaders Free eBook: How to Build a World-Class Sales Development Team The Sales Playbook | The Perfect Strategy for Sales Success   Sales Playbook Definition: A compilation of best practices, guidelines, and resources to guide employees in sales or B2B marketing....

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23 Motivational Sales Quotes To Fire You Up

These motivational sales quotes are what you need to achieve sales success, conquer the tough times, face rejection, and fill your life with inspiration. In this article: Some Wise Words to Live By Great Sales Quotes When You Want to Achieve Goals Sales Motivation Quotes to Push You to Sell Well Motivational Sales Quotes When You’re Feeling the Burnout Sales Quotes for Those Facing Challenges and Rejection 23 Motivational Sales Quotes That Will Help You Succeed in Life and Business   Some Wise Words to Live By When it comes to motivational sales quotes, Zig Ziglar is the bomb...

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Why Poor Content Distribution Is Killing Your Demand Gen Machine

What is demand generation and how can it bring you high-quality leads? Improve your demand generation strategy and generate more awareness for your sales campaigns by recognizing false assumptions and correcting them. In this article: How To Distribute Your Content to Your Intended Customers The Dangers of False Assumptions False Assumption No. 1: Content Is Viral Marketing Principle No. 1: Divert a River False Assumption No. 2: Our Buyers Aren’t Online Marketing Principle No. 2: Swim With the Sharks Time to Start Doing Making Demand Generation Marketing Effective   How To Distribute Your Content to Your Intended Customers In...

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The 7 Levels of Social Media Mastery

Have you figured out how to use social media to grow your business or rally your supporters around an important cause? Find out how you can become a social media expert here! In this article: How to Become a Social Media Expert The 7 Levels of Social Media Mastery Free eBook: 42 LinkedIn Tips for Inside Sales Go Up These 7 Levels To Become A Social Media Expert   How to Become a Social Media Expert If you have not figured social media strategies yet, you’re definitely not alone. Social media has become such a hot topic in the...

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