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Author: Leo Dirr

45 Motivational Sales Quotes To Fire You Up

These motivational sales quotes are what you need to achieve sales success, conquer the tough times, face rejection, and fill your life with inspiration. Read on to find out more. RELATED: 6 Sales Motivation Secrets So Simple Even A Caveman Can Use Them In this article: Some Wise Words to Live By Great Sales Quotes When You Want to Achieve Goals Sales Motivation Quotes to Push You to Sell Well Motivational Sales Quotes When You’re Feeling the Burnout Sales Quotes for Those Facing Challenges and Rejection Motivational Quotes for Sales Team Inspirational Sales Quotes to Make You Laugh or...

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Social Selling And The Law Of Reciprocity

Understand how the law of reciprocity can be an effective marketing strategy in social selling. RELATED: Social Selling | A Basic Guide For Beginners In this article: The Act of Kindness in Social Selling How My Small Gesture Meant a Lot to Someone Give so Much They Can’t Ignore You Specific Actions to Get You Started One Surprising Psychological Secret Kid Tested, Mother Approved The Law of Reciprocity in Social Selling Law of Reciprocity Definition: A principle of returning a favor to someone who has helped you before. The Act of Kindness in Social Selling “No act of kindness, no...

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Sales Metrics Smackdown: Are These 3 Inside Sales Metrics Overrated?

Are you sure you’re tracking the right sales metrics? In this post, we’ll talk about which metrics sales leaders can use to evaluate sales reps. RELATED: A Winning Sales Culture Starts With the Right Sales Metrics In this article: Do Sales Reps Care About Sales Performance Metrics? Inside Sales Metrics Sales Reps Consider the Least Useful Length of the Sales Cycle Appointment Setting Speed Percentage of Hot Transfers Sales Metrics Least Useful for Evaluating Reps Do Sales Reps Care About Sales Performance Metrics? What metrics do you use to track your sales team effectively? Is the data you’re gathering contributing...

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6 Sales Motivation Secrets So Simple Even A Caveman Can Use Them

Learn how to keep sales motivation high and reach your sales goals with these tips so easy even a caveman can implement them. RELATED: Why Sales Gamification + Spiffs = Increased Sales Motivation In this article: Keeping Sales Simple  Eat What You Kill to Reach (and Surpass) Sales Targets As Motivation for Sales Reps, Build a Fire to Spark Creativity Keep It Simple to Help Team Members Become Successful in Meeting Long-Term Goals Be Wary of Wolves to Prevent Ruining People’s Hard Work Love the Ones You’re With to Win at Selling Don’t Get Mad if Geico Puts You in...

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Cold Calling Secrets: How To Eliminate Fear, Failure, And Rejection

Sales teams can improve their performances by using a sales dialer and smart calling. Read on to find out how here! In this article: Make More Productive Calls with Smart Calling Techniques Phone Prospecting Myths Myth 1: Prospecting and Cold Calling Are Dead Myth 2: Prospecting Is Just a Numbers Game Myth 3: For Every “No” You Get, You’re That Much Closer to a “Yes” Myth 4: You’ve Got to Love Rejection How to Get Your Prospects Saying “Yes” How Smart Calling Works The Smart Call Process How to Gather Useful Information How to Set Clear Objectives How to...

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