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Author: Livia Stancu

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Sales Reps Close More Deals

Using Artificial Intelligence software can help sales reps close more deals and provide a more efficient workflow for sales teams. Learn more how AI fits into a sales strategy and why it’s essential to have a good tech stack in this post. RELATED: What Is Artificial Intelligence and How Can You Start Using It to Be Successful In this article: How Expert Systems Make Life Easier for Salespeople Being Relevant to Your Customer Increased Contactability and Close Rates Pre-Call Research Automation and Efficiency How CRM Is Changing Increasing Sales Revenues with Artificial Intelligence How Expert Systems Make Life Easier for...

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In Utah, Young Women Engineers Are Building the AI Tech of the Future

Each year, seven bright young women at three of Utah’s universities in the Wasatch Front are beneficiaries of the InsideSales.com scholarship for Excellence in Engineering in 2019, a program put together to support women pursuing a career in computer science. The students will be meeting with InsideSales.com leadership and engineering team on Friday. The women’s scholarship program was initiated by InsideSales.com’s CEO and Founder, Dave Elkington, and it has been offering financial aid to gifted engineering students for four years. He was inspired to create the scholarships after he attended one of his daughter’s middle school science fairs —...

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Stop Pitching: Start Solving Problems For Your Customers

 Upgrade your selling strategy by learning how to ask the right questions. In this post, you’ll learn why it’s better to solve problems rather than simply pitching. In this article: The Significance of Asking the Right Questions The Four Principles of Solution-Based Selling Prescription Before Diagnosis Is Malpractice Pitch Less, Ask More Questions Kick the “Hopeium” Habit Take Some Time and Invest in Your Sales Skills Four Selling Strategy Principles to Ask the Correct Prospect Questions   The Significance of Asking the Right Questions When it comes to your selling strategy, a few questions matter: What’s good about...

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InsideSales.com Solves Sales Forecasting Challenges With Predictive Pipeline

Learn how Inside Sales’ Predictive Pipeline can help solve challenges related to sales forecasting in businesses in this post. In this article: The Pipeline Management and Sales Forecasting Artificial Intelligence on Sales Inside Sales’ Predictive Pipeline Solving the Pipeline Management Equation Identify Sales Superstars from Average Performers Spot a Good Deal from the Bad Capture and Understand Pipeline Changes Increase Sales Forecasting Accuracy by 30% Predictive Pipeline for Sales Forecasting   Predictive Pipeline Definition: A pipeline management and forecasting tool offered by InsideSales.com that aims to help managers gain confidence in their forecasts by showing which reps and deals...

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Best Lead Generation Methods For Creating Pipeline

What sales lead management methods do you apply? Learn how to maximize the tools marketing teams can use to improve their prospecting system and sales cycle. RELATED: Aligning Lead Management And Sales Management In this article: Challenges Sales and Marketing Pros Face Sales vs Marketing: Fight Best Lead Generation Methods to Drive Revenue The Role of Brand Awareness in Developing Leads The Value of Events in Lead Development Sales Development Representatives Effective Sales Lead Management Methods You Should Know   Challenges Sales and Marketing Pros Face The primary challenge 49% of sales and marketing pros face is not having enough...

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