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Author: Livia Stancu

Salesperson Skills of Top Performers

Learn which five sales skills you’ll need to empower yourself or your sales representatives to become top performers. RELATED: How To Develop A Next Gen Sales Rep w/Mor Assouline @Practice Panter In this article: What Successful Sales Professionals Have in Common Why Sales Success Decreases Over The Years Evaluating Sales Representatives Performance The Sales Associate Skills That Make a Great Representative Listening Skills Resilience and Grit – The Best Sales Representatives Are Hard Workers Empathy, A Much Needed Sales Skill The Best Sales Representatives Come Prepared Self-Motivated and Competitive Bonus Tip: Product Knowledge 5 Sales Skills Every Top Performer Should...

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Building Rapport with Customers: 3 Steps to Build Trust in Minutes

Building rapport with clients isn’t as difficult as most people say it is. As long as you know the right steps to follow and what errors to avoid, you’ll master how to build trust in the workplace. Related: 3 Steps To Build Trust In 3 Minutes In this article: Building Rapport in Sales | The R.O.I. to Improve Your ROI Researching the Prospect Organizing the Information Ignite the Conversation Why the R.O.I. is Important Building Rapport | 3 Rapport-Building Techniques in Sales About This Episode What is rapport building? In the podcast “You Suck At Building Rapport: 3 Steps To...

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Sales Effectiveness Metrics for Evaluating Your Team

Having sales metrics in place is important in tracking a team’s performance and motivating employees. Find out how a team’s performance can be measured with these metrics for sales effectiveness here! Related: 14 Key Sales Metrics [Infographic] In this article: The Use Of Sales Force Effectiveness Metrics Why Sales Is Broken and Why Technology Won’t Fix It… Sales Reps Are Not Spending Their Time Selling Time Spent in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Is Going Down Sales Reps Are Not Having Meaningful Conversations Anymore Not Using Sales Acceleration Technology Inbound Leads Are Not Getting Enough Attention What Metrics Should I...

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InsideSales Employees Continue Tradition of Sending Gifts to Women’s Shelter

InsideSales.com employees in 2018 continued the tradition of sponsoring families in the Center for Women and Children in Crisis (CWCIC), by purchasing Christmas gifts for the women and children in the Center. Employees put on their Santa Claus hats and tried their best to respond to the requests of families in need at the shelter. The Center for Women and Children in Crisis operates several programs, offering a safe place for survivors of domestic violence, allowing them and their children to find food, shelter and support for up to 30 days. “We want to make sure that families living...

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Top 10 Sales Development Leaders of 2018 Announced at the SDS2018

InsideSales.com, the AI Sales Platform powered by Collective Intelligence, today announced the list of top 10 sales development leaders of the year, chosen by popular vote at the Sales Development Summit 2018. Over 30 esteemed authors, speakers and experts in sales development participated in the summit, sharing their experience on the methods they used in 2018 to drive growth in high-performance sales development teams. The video sessions from all 30 speakers are available live at www.salesdevelopmentsummit.com for a limited time.   Top 10 Sales Development Leaders Sales development representatives voted for their favorite leaders, recognizing their expertise and ability...

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