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Author: Livia Stancu

What Sets The Star Sellers Apart? /w Matt Dixon, @Tethr

Do you know what makes your best sellers different from the rest? It’s a crucial question that sales managers need to answer if they are to lift up the performance of their team through sales coaching. Language is a powerful predictor of success. Good news is, you no longer need to comb through hundreds or thousands of sales conversations to find the needle in the thread. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do this instantly for you. In this article: How To Become The Best Sales Rep Using AI Selling in the Era of Customer Empowerment B2B Selling and Buying –...

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InsideSales.com Announces Integration With SAP Cloud for Customer

InsideSales.com, the artificial intelligence (AI) platform for sales and business growth, announced a new integration of its Playbooks for sales platform with the next-generation SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) CRM. The integration allows the company to extend its platform’s insights about the selling process to SAP customers. InsideSales.com for SAP accelerates pipeline development to increase sales by up to 30 percent with the same AI insights and Collective Intelligence™. Sellers Need More Than CRM InsideSales.com has long provided users of Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, and Infor CRM, making it the only platform to offer sales acceleration services for clients on all major...

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Understanding the Secret Lives of B2B Prospects

Understanding who is your prospect and who is going to make a purchasing decision for your product is the key to success in B2B sales. The data is out there, and Russ Heddleston, CEO of DocSend, showed us the state of B2B at the InsideSales AI Growth Summit 2018. “In the olden days, the buying process was driven by the seller. As a salesperson you got to own the process, you were in charge, you owned the information. Someone would come in at the top of the fall, they’d say I’ve got questions, you’d say I’ve got answers. So...

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Best Parties You Can Attend (and Take Your Clients to) at Dreamforce 2018

Dreamforce, the most popular conference for Salesforce users, starts this year on the 25th of September at the Moscone exhibit center in San Francisco. With over 2,700+ breakout sessions, training and certification opportunities, as well as hands-on demos, it’s an incredible opportunity for learning and developing your career. It’s also an opportunity to network and mingle with like-minded professionals, and – why not – have some good hard-earned fun. This year, Salesforce has peppered in over 150 festive and entertainment events over the four days of the conference. We peered over the list and we were not disappointed. We’ve...

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The Secret to Winning in B2B Sales: The Human Touch

Data shows that B2B sales leaders using digital strategies effectively enjoy five times the growth of their peers who are not at the cutting edge of digital adoption. Digital sales is certainly rocket fuel for growth, but does that mean that you should invest heavily in digital sales and just forget about consultative, face-to-face selling? The truth is, the best inside sales organizations are seeing amazing success by blending digital sales with old-school field sales. Data from management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company shows that organizations that add the human touch to digital sales consistently outperform their peers. They achieve five...

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