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Author: Livia Stancu

How to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated During The Holidays

How do you keep your sales team motivated to work through Christmas and New Year’s? We asked sales leaders about how to motivate a sales team while celebrating the holidays and came away with a few solid tips for selling under the mistletoe. In this article: How To Motivate Your Sales Team This Christmas Set a Regular Schedule Get Festive! Build The Sales Career Path Focus on Value The Importance of Giving Back Sales Training Helps Motivation Set an Example Keeping Your Sales Team Motivated Over The Holidays How To Motivate Your Sales Team This Christmas If you feel...

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10 Secrets of Successful Business Sales Development Leaders [INFOGRAPHIC]

Business development is not an easy job, and managing and motivating prospecting teams is just as taxing. A sales development rep places around 36 calls per day, sends around 37 emails and about 15 voicemails. They deal with rejection day in and day out, and need to permanently think out of the box to be able to connect with the right prospects. According to recent research, sales development representatives have an average annual quota of $658,000, and quota attainment is at only 64 percent. Needless to say, business development takes grit – and business development managers know this. We...

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The 5 Step Process to Building a Sales Cadence That Works

Sales cadence shouldn’t be rocket science — it should be in the arsenal of every decent, hard-working sales rep. This should be the case even if it’s just to spite Marketing that your part of the bargain is held. In this post, I’ll give you all the elements you need to design your own successful sales cadence. In this article: Generating Inbound Leads Why Do You Need a Sales Cadence? The Foundational Elements of a Sales Cadence What Is Sales Cadence? The 5-Step Process to Build a Sales Cadence Executing a Sales Cadence Flawlessly Compare Your Sales Cadence To That...

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4 Bad Rep Behaviors That Lead To Inaccurate Sales Forecasting

Sales teams may perform actions that can have a negative impact on the sales pipeline and revenue forecasts. Here are four common ones. In this article: Reps Make Mistakes – A Lot of Them The Four Bad Behaviors That Mess Up Sales Pipeline and Forecasting Pipeline Stuffing Sandbagging Deals Overestimating Deal Size Underestimating Sales Opportunities Inaccurate Sales Forecasting Costs Companies Millions How Artificial Intelligence Can Help the Sales Pipeline Management and Forecasting Sales Pipeline | Get Accurate Revenue Forecasts by Avoiding These Bad Behaviors   Reps Make Mistakes – A Lot of Them Sales teams can make actions that...

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What Sets The Star Sellers Apart? /w Matt Dixon, @Tethr

Do you know what makes your best sellers different from the rest? It’s a crucial question that sales managers need to answer if they are to lift up the performance of their team through sales coaching. Language is a powerful predictor of success. Good news is, you no longer need to comb through hundreds or thousands of sales conversations to find the needle in the thread. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do this instantly for you. In this article: How To Become The Best Sales Rep Using AI Selling in the Era of Customer Empowerment B2B Selling and Buying –...

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