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Author: Mike Schultz

How To Start Your Day To Be More Productive And Motivated [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tired of your usual morning routine before going to work? Start your day right and be more productive and motivated at work by following these tips. Read on to find out more. RELATED: Efficient Time Management For Maximizing Sales Productivity In this article: Extremely Productive People Start Their Day with an Activity That Contributes to Their Overall Success The Most Productive Morning Routine You Can Try Step 1: Read Your Objectives Step 2: Ask Yourself, “How’s My Mindset?” Step 3: Ask, “Will I?” for Critical Tasks Step 4: Ask, “How Will I Be Better Than Yesterday?” Step 5: Start with...

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Asking Questions In Sales – What You Need To Know

Discover the value of asking questions in sales and learn the different types of sales questions to help you figure out the needs of your customers in this post. RELATED: Social Selling And The Law Of Reciprocity In this article: Why Asking a Good Question in Sales Is Important Open Questions Closed Questions Follow-up Questions Categories of Questions to Ask The Value of Asking Questions Best Practices In Asking Questions In Sales Why Asking a Good Question in Sales Is Important Asking incisive sales questions is essential for success. The questions you ask help you uncover buyer needs and desires,...

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