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Author: Martin Moran

7 Data-Backed Sales Best Practices [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this post, you’ll learn how to use predictive analytics and big data to improve your team’s inside sales skills. Follow these sales best practices to improve your sales reps’ selling skills and turn regular salespeople into sales superstars. In this article: The Significance of Understanding the Digital Buying Process Selling Is a Competitive Sport Combining Data with Predictive Analytics 7 Sales Best Practices Respond Immediately Be Persistent Establish a Local Presence Create a Cadence Motivate Your Staff Hire Smart with Data Analyze Your Sales Pipeline Enhance Your Team’s Sales Skills Using Inside Sales Data Click here to jump to...

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The State of Sales: Why Europe is Beating the US – Part 2

This is the second article on a recent study on the State of Sales. The research was conducted by InsideSales.com in partnership with the Association of Professional Sales (APS), Top Sales World, and AA-ISP. The study included nearly 1200 companies in 28 countries. The study focused on sales structure, systems, and processes for each of these companies. The findings revealed some really interesting insights. How Technology Is Changing Sales Structure Technology is also changing the structure of sales organizations. The customer today is self-educated and a large part of the buyer journey now takes place online. Most of the time,...

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Scaling US Technology Companies in Europe

CEOs mustn’t assume that the European market is all the same because it isn’t. I recently spoke to GSinsight Magazine about scaling US technology companies in Europe, the challenges this presents and offered some advice to overcome them. I spent my formative years at Oracle in the 1990s when the business was growing fast in Europe. In the early 2000s, I left Oracle with a group of colleagues to establish Salesforce in Europe. At first it was just the three of us in an office, with three laptops and that was it. During my ten years there however, we...

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The State of Sales: Why Europe is Beating the US – Part 1

There’s never a silver bullet when it comes to high performance sales results. There are, however, repeatable patterns and best practices in sales activity that can lead to outstanding results. I’ve combed through the “State of Sales 2017” research from InsideSales Labs. It’s an incredible snapshot of the sales landscape and covers sales technology, structure and people. The surprise was that Europe and the UK are better at adopting sales technology and better at some other aspects of sales when compared to their peers in the United States. Here’s how and why Europe is beating the US at the sales...

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The 3 Essential Dimensions of Sales Hiring

Successful companies are maniacal about customer service. Organisations that do everything they can to delight customers will keep their churn rate low, build strong brand recognition and attain a strong bottom line. However, while many organisations spend a great deal of time and money on resources, systems and facilities to take care of customers, they often neglect their own employees, particularly their sales teams. To remedy this problem, you should consider the key components of your customer strategy — acquisition, growth and retention — and apply them to your sales hiring process. 1. Employee acquisition If sales is the lifeblood...

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