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Author: Mike Schultz

3 Tips for a Successful Sales Negotiation Agenda

All too often sellers let buyers take control of a negotiation, leaving the sellers to play defense. If you want to come with a great agreement, you need to lead the process. In the white paper, 6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation, rule number three is: Lead the Negotiation. A key part in leading a sales negotiation is setting up a meeting properly with an agreed to agenda ahead of time. Because nearly all negotiation meetings are unique, you will need to plan for each one specifically. Start by creating an agenda to determine what information will and won’t...

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What’s Your Win Rate and How Do You Stack Up to Top Performers? [New Research]

Driving your win rate higher can be the single biggest factor to beating your sales goals. Even small improvements can lead to millions of dollars in new revenue, without adding any new sales headcount. For the Top-Performing Sales Organization Benchmark Report, the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research studied what the Top-Performing Sales Organizations—companies that have higher win rates, met their annual sales goal, have challenging sales goals, and achieve premium prices—do differently than The Rest. One of the key findings was the difference in win rate between performance groups. Across all respondents, the average win rate was as...

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