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Author: Rajit Joseph

4 Steps to Becoming a Predictive Sales Organization

InsideSales.com is currently engaged with thousands of companies, working to equip their sales teams with the latest in predictive sales capabilities. Through our interactions with these customers, InsideSales.com has noticed that as the forecasting abilities within organizations mature, they each follow a similar journey. If you’re looking to adopt a predictive forecasting solution for your business, you’ll want to know these four critical steps to becoming a predictive sales organization. 1. Assess your pipeline’s health Imagine you’re coaching a professional sports team that is only a few months away from their first game of the new season. In order...

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4 Sales Forecasting Best Practices to Go From Messy to Magical

Sales commission is tied to the percentage of your quota you achieve. With that in mind, sales reps are often hesitant to commit to anything, preferring to under-commit and over-deliver. While playing it safe is understandable, it makes sales forecasting unpredictable and difficult to manage. All too often, managers and sales reps are left guessing which potential buyers will make it through to close, and when it’ll happen. What impact does this have? According to this article on Entrepreneur.com, 54 percent of deals forecasted by reps never close. To help correct this problem, we’ve outlined four best practices that will...

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