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Author: Shiv Ramanna

How Predictive Forecasting Can Improve Forecast Accuracy

“Nestle Profit Declines as It Misses Sales Forecast” “Deere Offers Soft Outlook after Sales Miss” “EBay Forecast Misses Estimates as Marketplace Growth Stalls” As a tough economic environment appears to return, such news is becoming common. Forecasting sales is a tough challenge and companies have long relied on teams of analysts crunching numbers in Excel to estimate forecasts. According to Sirius Decisions research, 79% of sales organizations miss their forecast by more than 10%. To understand this frequent failure, let us look at how sales forecasting is traditionally done in companies: Top-down forecasting – This method relies on historic...

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How Predictive Opportunity Scoring Can Help You Prioritize Deals

We all succeed at times and fail at times. And then, we look back in retrospect and wonder how things could have gone differently. But if we could start our endeavors with this hindsight, we could avoid many failures. Psychologists call it “prospective hindsight,” but for the purpose of this post, we’ll refer to it as retrospection. In my role, I work with sales teams from large enterprises to growing startups. Using the predictive applications we build, we help them increase their odds of winning so they can sell more. Predictive opportunity scoring Using machine-learning techniques, we score sales...

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