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Author: Thomas Tingey

Sales Reps Spend Only 37% of Time Selling According to Research from InsideSales.com

Silicon Slopes, UT – Nov. 10, 2017 — Sales representatives need to make much better use of their time, concludes a new report from InsideSales.com Labs, a division of sales acceleration SaaS software leader InsideSales.com. The Time Management for Sales study, based on responses from nearly 200 sales reps including a dozen in-depth interviews, provides a closer look at the way inside and outside sales representatives are currently spending their time. The study reveals: Only 28 percent of sales reps follow a structured time management system Only 37 percent of sales reps’ time is spent on revenue-generating activities Only 18 percent of sales reps’ time is spent using their customer relationship management system (CRM). “Clearly, sales teams have a serious challenge with time management,” said Lindsey Armstrong, President of InsideSales.com. “When 63 percent of salespeople’s time is focused on activities other than selling—whether by necessity due to policies and tools or to lack of process and organization—revenue suffers. We can see that most organizations, and the sales industry at large, have a significant requirement (and opportunity) to get these issues resolved.” The Declining Role of CRM Perhaps the study’s most surprising result is the declining dependence on—and use of—CRM. Only 18 percent of a sales rep time is spent in CRM while 61.7% of time is spent using sales technology. Worse still, nearly 10% of a sales reps time...

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CRM Isn’t Enough to Tackle Modern Sales Challenges, InsideSales.com Reports

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dreamforce — Although customer relationship management (CRM) is almost universally adopted, sales quota attainment industry wide has declined for each of the last five years, according to a Forbes.com article by contributor Ken Krogue, cofounder of InsideSales.com; in collaboration with David Boyce, chief strategy officer of InsideSales.com; and Justin Lindsey, senior vice president of analytics for BamTech Media. While CRM has become ubiquitous in sales for most organizations, it is insufficient for resolving the modern challenges of selling, the article states. CRM is architected to manage a linear sales process—from lead to cultivation to sale. However, the majority of today’s sales are multi-faceted and non-linear—following processes that are largely influenced by the customer in accordance with the preferences and policies of their organizations. The topic will be addressed at Dreamforce 2017 by Vice President of InsideSales.com Labs Gabe Larsen in the session “Real AI for Growth”—Wednesday, Nov. 8 from 5:00 to 5:40 p.m. at the Marriott Marquis Hotel (Foothill G1-G2) in San Francisco. See more information on the session here. “CRM can only tell you things you already know—the things your company has experienced and recorded within it,” the Forbes article states. “It can’t answer questions like ‘who should I engage?’ and ‘how should I engage them?’” To overcome this issue, the article says, the business world should look beyond “smart CRM” and its ability to only...

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InsideSales.com Partners with Microsoft to Provide Sales Acceleration Solutions Storage on Azure

PROVO, UT – November 03, 2017 – InsideSales.com, the sales acceleration SaaS software leader has partnered with Microsoft to provide call recording storage for Predictive PowerDialer. Customers can now take advantage of Azure’s cloud services to retain recorded copies of critical sales conversations. “Our customers have created millions of hours of call recordings for coaching or compliance purposes. We wanted to make it simple, secure and cost effective for them to store those recordings for long periods of time,” shared Dave Elkington, CEO and Founder of InsideSales.com. “Microsoft offers world-class cloud services through its global network of managed data centers. InsideSales customers using Predictive PowerDialer can retain, and review their sales call recordings through our seamless integration with Microsoft Azure.” InsideSales Predictive PowerDialer enables fast-paced sales reps a more personal and effective way to connect with sales prospects and contacts. Sales reps can reach the right prospects, at the right time, in the right way. Predictive PowerDialer’s call recording feature creates an archive so important information is always accessible. “Our close partnership with Microsoft creates a competitive advantage for our customers who require fast response times, enterprise stability, and global access,” noted Elkington. About InsideSales.com InsideSales.com offers the industry’s leading AI-fueled sales acceleration platform powered by Neuralytics™, a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine that drives revenue growth. The platform helps companies acquire new customers faster, improve cross-sell/upsell conversions, and...

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InsideSales.com Delivers on the Vision of “Predictive for All”

PROVO, UT – November 3, 2017 – InsideSales.com, the sales acceleration SaaS software leader, today announced new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning benefits in its latest versions of Predictive PowerDialer and Predictive Playbooks. These predictive features shorten and simplify the sales cycle while increasing revenue growth. “Our vision is clear—accelerate each step of the sales process to give our customers actionable predictive insights through the power of real AI and machine learning,” said Dave Elkingon, CEO and founder, InsideSales.com. “We use billions of pieces of cross-company data to predict the best telephone number to dial, the best email to use, and the best day/time to contact in conjunction with hundreds of other predictive insights. That is the power of real AI.” Features Enhance Predictive Capabilities Predictive PowerDialer, the leading sales dialer for high velocity sales organizations, introduces a new Best Phone Number feature. Leveraging the InsideSales platform that has processed one billion phone calls, this new feature polls every available phone number from the sales record and compares it with anonymized customer data to show the telephone number with the highest likelihood to respond. Predictive Playbooks, which increases conversations with the right prospects and customers and builds pipeline for sales teams, includes a Best Email feature. This feature leverages the same cross-company data to predict the best email address for best contact results. “While we have many premium...

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InsideSales.com Adds Direct Mailer Capabilities—and Personal Touch—to Predictive PowerDialer

PROVO, UT – October 26, 2017 – InsideSales.com, the sales acceleration SaaS software leader, introduced a new direct mail feature to its Predictive PowerDialer software, giving fast-paced sales reps a more personal and effective way to connect with sales prospects and contacts. With a few short clicks, the new feature auto-generates a personalized, physical card sent by mail so reps can reach the right prospects, at the right time, in the right way. The new feature—called the InsideSales.com High Impact Mailer (HIM)—is the result of a study conducted by InsideSales.com Labs on the effectiveness of direct mailers (printed or hand-written notes or cards, gift cards, or other gifts in the mail) in initiating a conversation with a new prospect, following up after a meeting, onboarding a new customer, or getting in touch with an unresponsive customer. The study found that those companies were 34.7 percent more likely to respond to a direct mailer than to an email, and 15.3 percent more likely to respond compared to communication through LinkedIn. “Our research clearly shows an old-fashioned note or gift in the mail can do more to accelerate sales than almost any other means of communication, either before or after the initial contact,” said Gabe Larsen, VP of InsideSales.com Labs. “Customers and prospects don’t always want to be rushed by the usual sales contact methods like email. Hand-written notes and gifts...

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