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Author: Thomas Oldroyd

How To Write A Resume For A Job In Marketing And Sales

Because a marketing resume can make or break your career, knowing how to write a resume for a job is essential. Here are the three biggest mistakes in resume writing to avoid at all costs. In this article: People Still Fail in Writing a Marketing Resume Fail Number 1: Contact Information Fail Number 2: No Metrics or Generic Numbers Fail Number 3: No Digital Proof Marketing Resume | How to Write a Resume by Avoiding These Common Mistakes   People Still Fail in Writing a Marketing Resume I just finished reviewing another 17 marketing resumes, and many of them...

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What Justin Bieber Can Teach You About Sales and Marketing

The Justin Bieber phenomenon has rocked our world at InsideSales.com. We’ve got Belieber Fever! Is that even a real thing? I’ve been thinking about what the Biebs can teach us about sales and marketing. The lessons are legion. I just hope we can capitalize on them before Bieber does his farewell tour. Let’s dive into the good stuff. Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby … 1. Focus on your core In his songs, like “As Long As You Love Me,” Bieber consistently delivers messages that resonate with his youthful core audience. He’s keenly aware of his target market, and he knows how to hit them on an emotional level. Whether he’s aware of it or not, Bieber fires up his fans because his music is based on a compelling “why.” The way he stays true to his beliefs about the world reminds me of Simon Sinek’s famous TED Talk, where he says great leaders inspire others because they start with “why.” See Sinek’s inspiring presentation. 2. Keep it simple Some might argue that Bieber is no Bono. His lyrics aren’t necessarily the most profound on the planet. But what my man Bieber absolutely nails is simplicity. Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby … The repetition of simple messages is more effective than boring people to tears with complicated product descriptions or jargon that sounds like gibberish. Even U2 worked...

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Hiring Journalists for Inbound Marketing

I had an intriguing conversation with Mark Roberge, SVP of Sales & Services at HubSpot, at the SellingPower Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco last fall. Keep reading to learn the genius strategy that he shared with me. Getting on the ski lift at Alta, Utah last weekend I struck up a conversation with the young lady skier. Turns out she is from Ohio and graduated in Journalism but is working at Target since she can’t find a job in her chosen field. I mentioned that at InsideSales.com we are hiring a few good journalists. I gave her the company name and email information for her to contact us regarding the position. Why is a high-growth tech company hiring journalists? It stems back to my conversation with Mark from HubSpot and to an article written in Forbes.com by our co-founder and president, Ken Krogue “The Death of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, and Real Content“. Mark and his counterpart Mike Volpe, CMO at HubSpot, are leading the shift from SEO to a quality content strategy. Mark shared the details of their strategy with me and the starting point of the strategy involves hiring journalists to generate the quality content. Journalists and Internet Authors are the new SEO. Their engaging, entertaining, educating, quality content is how companies like InsideSales.com will win without traditional SEO. Good news for up-and-coming social journalists with a penchant for business. Thanks...

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Lead Generation: Google PPC Drone Advertising

The male drone ant lives roughly 45 days. His only objective is to find princesses and reproduce. Google PPC Drone Advertising’s only objective is to find short-term advertising princesses and produce results. Most companies launch long-term Google PPC campaigns, manage bid amounts, perform AdWords keyword research, tune landing pages, tweak wording and capture leads. This strategy works well for core keywords and phrases. Contrast that with Google PPC Drone Advertising. Google PPC Drone Advertising focuses on a specific short-term target for highly productive results. Keyword analysis will show low competition, low cost, a low number of searches (ideally the number of searches would be high) – a Google Princess. The leads you get will be targeted and more valuable to your company. For example, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, and Act-On all sell a marketing automation platform. Chances are they sponsored the Direct Marketing Association #DMA2012 conference in Las Vegas. Analysis shows 4,400 global, 2,900 monthly searches for “DMA 2012” and 590 and 480 for “DMA conference 2012”. There are no paid advertisements. This is a Google Princess. If they spend $20k on the event, why not spend a few extra bucks getting people to your booth, session, or party. Even better maybe the prospect is evaluating marketing automation platforms and you can get them a demo or free trial of the product before the event. Send your drone ad to mate with...

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How to Nail a Job Interview: Remember it All Starts in the Parking Lot

Your LinkedIn profile is perfect. You applied for the position. You passed the initial screening and phone interviews. You have a good rapport with the recruiter and were invited to an in-person interview with the boss. You have studied the company website and know the products. Things are looking pretty good for getting that job of your dreams. Just don’t screw it up. T-minus 1 Day: You make sure to print resume and any samples that play up your “rock star” status. You pick up your suit from the dry-cleaner and get a haircut. At dinner, you skip the extra spicy Buffalo wings with garlic dip and you made sure to get a good night’s sleep. You are read. Primed and pumped up. T-minus Zero Days: You start the day on time and get in some brief exercise to get your blood flowing. You have perfect hygiene and preparation (making sure not to nick yourself shaving). You’ve dressed immaculately and leave with enough time to arrive 10 minutes early; following the route you drove the day before to know exactly where to go. You arrive 15 minutes early and pull into a parking spot. You are under budget and ahead of schedule and feeling pretty good about yourself. What you don’t realize is that… Your job interview just started! Somewhere in a corner office or conference room overlooking the parking lot...

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