Climb the Trust Ladder to Increase Results in Prospecting
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Here is a strategy to find the highest level of rapport or trust you can use to increase your results on a prospecting call. Using the Trust Ladder allows you to use your first few seconds so people are open to letting your conversation continue to where they find out enough about you to listen with an open mind.

Climb the Trust Ladder to Increase Rapport

Climb the Trust Ladder to Increase Rapport

Imagine a ladder with twelve steps leaning up to a destination you are trying to go. The destination is a relationship of trust with the person you are talking to. You are the salesperson standing at the bottom of this ladder that represents levels of inherent trust.

There is one important thing you better realize first…

They don’t trust you.

You are at the bottom of the Trust Ladder; you aren’t even on it. The person they trust the most is themselves. They are on the top of the Trust Ladder and there are many steps in between. The higher up you go on the Trust Ladder to begin a conversation, the more inherent trust you have and the better your conversation will go.

Each step up the Trust Ladder incrementally increases the inherent trust.

(This is a small excerpt from the book Dave Elkington and I have written – soon to be released.)

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