It may be intimidating to pitch and sell to top brass clients, but it always pays to reach higher… if you know how. Here are some tips to help engage better with high-ranking officers.

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In this article:

  1. Engaging with C-Level Executives
    1. Start at the Top
    2. Forget the Features
    3. Understand their Priorities
    4. Level with Them
    5. Get Social
    6. Don’t Burn Bridges
    7. Be Pleasantly Persistent

How to Connect and Engage Better with the Top Brass

Engaging with C-Level Executives

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” This familiar adage comes from Norman Vincent Peale, and has been used to inspire and motivate people around the world.

Why, then, do salespeople seem to shoot for the clouds and land among the trees? Why are so many calls made and emails sent that don’t even attempt to connect with the absolute highest decision maker?

Cold calling the CEO is difficult, but not impossible—if you know how to structure your pitch and how to get past gatekeepers.

At Abstrakt we’ve scheduled more than 100,000 B2B sales meetings in the last eight years, so we have unique insight and hundreds of thousands of hours put into mastering this skill. I’ve seen it in almost every new rep: fear of the owner, fear of the gatekeeper, fear of the 2nd gatekeeper (the dreaded executive assistant), and reluctance to even approach the challenge.

Some reps give in to this fear and go for the second best thing—mid-level managers.

Is it easier to get a mid-level manager on the phone? Absolutely.

Is it more productive? Definitely not.

A 2012 Harvard Business Review article reported a survey finding that more than 90% of C-level executives said they ‘never’ respond to cold calls or e-mail blasts.

What is a C-Level Executive? This is a high-ranking official in a company who usually makes decisions that affect the entire business. They are called such because they typically have a “C” in their job titles, such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

During an earnings call on February 24th, 2016, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff credited their success to their ability to target the CEO.

“When I look at the largest transactions… every transaction was done with the CEO,” Benioff said. “I think it’s really unusual, and that’s why we’re really selling more enterprise software than Oracle or SAP.”

According to Anthony Parinello in the book “Selling to Vito,” targeting the CEO/President/Owner will result in:

  • A shorter sales cycle
  • Larger deal sizes
  • More add-on business

But, I assume you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already know you should be reaching higher.

So, with more decision makers guarding their time and companies adding more layers of protection to keep them insulated from pesky salespeople, how do we get a conversation, and keep a conversation going with the top decision maker?

Here are some tips on how to engage with high-ranking officers of a company:

man in business suit talking on the phone | C-Level Secrets – Tips for Connecting With the Top Brass

Start at the Top

CEOs will occasionally push you down, but mid-level managers will rarely connect you up. If you don’t start at the top, it’s a difficult climb to get there that risks relationships you build along the way.

Getting to know a company’s employees, their ranks, and levels can prepare you when you start penetrating the business.

Forget the Features

Features are great for an operations person, but the higher you climb, the more your conversation should be tied to the benefits to their organization.

People in C-level positions constantly think of ways to improve their company as a whole. If you can address the company’s challenges and offer benefits, then these executives will be easier and might be more ideal to talk to.

Understand their Priorities

A CEO’s performance is tied to driving revenue, improving margins, and increasing the bottom line. They will spend their time in conversations that will help them achieve these objectives.

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Level with Them

Yes, this can mean to be straightforward. More importantly in this context, however, it means to make sure that you’re perceived as an equal.

People naturally like to have conversations with people they perceive as having similar characteristics, challenges, and experiences to them.

business evolution | C-Level Secrets – Tips for Connecting With the Top Brass

Get Social

According to a white paper published by IDC, “75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level/vice president (VP) executives surveyed use social media to make purchasing decisions.”

If 90% of executives are ignoring your cold efforts, warm them up by sharing relevant information and engaging their content and industry on LinkedIn and other social platforms.

A blog post from LinkedIn selling provides the following statistics:

  • 92% of buyers engage if the professional is a known industry thought leader.
  • 88% of buyers accept connections through someone in their existing professional network.
  • 86% of buyers will listen if sales professionals provide insights about their business.
  • 46% of buyers will engage in the professionals has a complete LinkedIn profile.

Don’t Burn Bridges

The funny thing about CEOs is, they tend to hang around other CEOs. This means that when you get a little overzealous in one of your conversations, you run the risk of hurting your reputation with multiple potential partners.

People in authority keep in contact with other people with the same status. Be confident in your message and confident in the value you bring, but also respectful of their timelines and their priorities.

Be Pleasantly Persistent

Depending on the product you sell, you may already know that sales can largely be a timing game. If the time isn’t right now, gain agreement to follow-up down the road at a time that makes sense and never miss a follow-up.

They don’t want you calling and bugging, talking to their executive assistant every day while they’re in meetings any more than you want to do it. It will save both parties time to agree to a follow-up and stick to it.

Add value in every interaction! Commit to never touch a base again (unless you’re in a softball league).

It’s not easy to catch the attention of top brass executives, but closing a deal with one is not impossible. You just need persistence and a little bit of planning as you pursue C-level executives.

Plan ahead and be prepared for whatever issues the chief operating officer may raise when addressing your product or service.

These are all strategies we’ve used to great effectare there any that I missed? Have you experienced success using similar tactics? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 


cold calling is not dead | C-Level Secrets – Tips for Connecting With the Top Brass

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 16, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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