Find out all that you need to know about what makes Pipedrive one of the best CRM software in the sales software market today with our in-depth review.

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  1. What Is Pipedrive CRM?
  2. Features and Benefits of Pipedrive
  3. Pipedrive Specifications
  4. Pipedrive Pricing
  5. Customer Reviews

Pipedrive Review | CRM Software Review

What Is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive CRM is a sales software that helps automate tasks for sales professionals. Overall, this software aims to aid salespeople in closing more deals.

Pipedrive prides itself as a tool that has helped its users boost their close rates by up to 28%. According to their website, this occurs after the first year of using Pipedrive CRM alone.

This tool also has the advantage of having two experienced sales managers as its founders, who made it with activity-based selling in mind. Although it aims to please customers and executives of a business, it primarily has the salespeople in mind who will be using the software.

Features and Benefits of Pipedrive

  • Sales Pipeline Management: Pipedrive has an interface that helps visualize the sales process, making it significantly easier to manage. As with all tools, there’s a learning curve, but it’s not difficult to figure out.
  • Email Communication Features: The email features enables users to send and receive from one account even if they use several providers. It also includes other useful features like tracking prospect’s actions on your email and email template creation, among others.
  • Pipeline Management and Sales Activity Management: The “Pipeline Management” feature provides an overview of activities in the sales pipeline. On the other hand, the “Activity Management” feature keeps track of all tasks that move a deal forward.
  • Open API: For even more customizability, the software gives your developers access with its open API or public application programming interface.
  • Sales Forecasting: The “Forecasting” tool on the software helps identify deals’ expected close dates. This tool will help you figure out which deals to focus on.
  • Lead Management Feature: Pipedrive gives you the ability to add web form on websites, whether yours or on others, so you can generate new leads.

Activity-Based Selling Definition: Activity-Based Selling is a kind of selling strategy that shifts focus away from closing a deal. Instead, it puts the focus on the entire process or set of actions that lead to a sale.

Pipedrive Specifications

woman holding a phone | Pipedrive Review: Overview, Features, And Pricing | pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive CRM on a phone

Due to the fact that Pipedrive is primarily a CRM, it is thus vital that you look at specific features that are necessary for CRM software. Whether it’s because these features are standard or they should be, there are specifications that a user should keep in mind when checking for a CRM.

With that said, here’s a list of some of the specifications that you should look for in a CRM. Check out how Pipedrive measures up to these specs:

  • Availability on Mobile: Yes, it’s available on Mobile for both iOS and Android.
  • Simple Setup Process: With its easy drag-and-drop and single-view interface, it’s safe to say that this software has a simple setup process.
  • Security Features: Each company data is stored in separate databases. Plus, Pipedrive has set up multiple backups of your data as well.
  • Ability to Sync Your Contacts: Yes, this software has the ability to sync your contacts from all major email service providers. With the syncing feature, you can do all your client communications in one place.
  • Can Create Custom Reports: Reports in the “Progress” tab can only be customized so far. Instead, they recommend making use of the “List View’s” flexibility and multiple filters for you to export the needed information.
  • Customer Support: Pipedrive has a support center, email support, in-app support, and live support. Aside from that, its customer support service is available 24/7.
  • Multiple Language Support: So far, the software only supports English. However, its customer app support system is available in both English and Portuguese.
  • Business Size Support: Although it doesn’t market itself for big businesses, it does work well for small to medium-sized companies. It can also work for freelancers too.
  • Can Integrate Social Media: Yes, this feature is available on Pipedrive to better engage with clients.
  • Many Deployment Channels: Right now, Pipedrive only operates via cloud-hosting.

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Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive has a free trial available for those who are looking to get a feel for the software first. Once you’ve dipped your toes into the software and want to experience its features in full, then check out their pricing plans below.

Of course, the higher up you go into the pricing plan, the more features and storage capacity for each user. Aside from that, you will save 17% more when you’re billed annually than billed being monthly:

  • Silver: $12.50/user
  • Gold: $24.20/user
  • Platinum: $49.17/user

However, when billed monthly, the pricing plan will be as seen below:

  • Silver: $15/user
  • Gold: $29/user
  • Platinum: $59/user

Customer Reviews

Plenty of customers of Pipedrive have expressed how much they love the software.

They cite the “Activity Management” tool and the email Integration features as one of the most well-liked tools of the software. Aside from that, they also expressed appreciation for the simple interface too. People also appreciate that Pipedrive has a mobile app.

However, there are some cons that people have against the software.

Some want more customizable reports while others wish to have better accommodations for a growing business. Another common point of improvement that users have said is about the site lacking certain features.

Below are some of the reviews of Pipedrive users from Software Advice:

Giuseppe from Carollo Horton and Associates | Pipedrive Review: Overview, Features, And Pricing | pipedrive crm

Ariel from Skycure | Pipedrive Review: Overview, Features, And Pricing | pipedrive pricing

Peyton from Total Boox | Pipedrive Review: Overview, Features, And Pricing | pipedrive review

All-in-all, Pipedrive is a CRM software that has a solid customer base of customers who are happy with its offerings. The software has shown how well it can power up your sales efforts and continues to look for more ways to do so.

Hopefully, as Pipedrive continues to grow, it will be more able to address the needs of a growing enterprise.

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