Predictive PowerDialer for Salesforce Update: High Impact Mailer, Best Phone Number and Call Monitoring
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We’re excited to announce our latest release of Predictive PowerDialer for Salesforce. Over the last few months, we’ve developed new and exciting features that will help sales teams work more efficiently and have greater success connecting with the right prospects.

Best Phone Number

The InsideSales platform has processed almost one billion phone calls. We’re putting that data to work for you. When you open a record in Salesforce, the InsideSales AI engine, Neuralytics, pulls every available phone number for that record and cross-checks it with the one billion phone calls on record to see how many times each of those numbers has been called and what the connect rates were for each. Then, Neuralytics shows the rep in Predictive PowerDialer the number on record with the highest likelihood to connect.

Here’s what it looks like:

best phone number - predictive power dialer for salesforce update screenshot


Combined with Local Presence,  this will help you reach more of the right people leading to more of the right conversations. As part of our Predictive for All campaign, all of our customers, regardless of package, will get this feature.

High-Impact Mailer

Have you ever wanted a differentiated way to reach out to prospects and customers? How important is it to get your prospects’ attention? High-Impact Mailers offer a unique and personal touch to engaging with your prospects and customer base. 

In a recent study, we discovered that only 30% of companies are using some form of mailer. This is a great opportunity to stand out from your competition.

Here’s what a card looks like:


high impact mailer card - handwritten note to prospect


There are several use cases for handwritten cards:

  1. Engaging prospects at key target accounts
  2. Thank you for a great demo
  3. Reminder of an upcoming appointment
  4. Re-engage a prospect that’s gone cold

Here’s a video showing you how and why you’d use cards to engage with your prospects.

Call Monitoring

In an effort to continue improving our products and listen to the market, we’ve rebuilt our Call Monitoring tool as well! The changes made will enable to tool to run faster and show the most relevant data to aid in your coaching.  

Here’s what it looks like:


predictive power dialer for salesforce update - call monitoring feature screenshot


Call Monitoring is such a powerful tool! If you’re not using Call Monitoring to:

  1. Help train new reps and lower their ramp time
  2. Help progress complex deals
  3. Refine your teams selling skills

You’re leaving money on the table.

At InsideSales.com, we create some of the world’s best predictive sales technology. The system was specifically built to help your sales team perform and minimize time wasters. Some clients have seen their results increase by up to 30 percent.

If you’re interested in seeing these new features in action, please call us at (888) 297-3009.

We’re always happy to hear from our customers and learn how we can help them sell smarter and sell more.

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