How To Write A Resume For A Job In Marketing And Sales
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Because a marketing resume can make or break your career, knowing how to write a resume for a job is essential. Here are the three biggest mistakes in resume writing to avoid at all costs.

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  1. People Still Fail in Writing a Marketing Resume
  2. Fail Number 1: Contact Information
  3. Fail Number 2: No Metrics or Generic Numbers
  4. Fail Number 3: No Digital Proof

Marketing Resume | How to Write a Resume by Avoiding These Common Mistakes


People Still Fail in Writing a Marketing Resume

I just finished reviewing another 17 marketing resumes, and many of them still commit the common mistakes. These can prevent them from landing the interviews they need or even getting the attention of the hiring managers.

If you want a marketing job where you just create Photoshop graphics, give out flying monkeys at a trade-show, or get a few hundred Facebook likes – stop reading now. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing social media marketing, digital marketing, or e-mail marketing. It doesn’t matter if your skills and work experience are only in public relations, content marketing, Google Analytics, or brand awareness. The world has changed. Fast companies rely on metrics and marketing automation to drive marketing campaigns. Your marketing resume should reflect your hands-on experience and skill set with results.

To do that, learn to avoid these professional resume mistakes recruiters and potential employers hate. Here are the Top 3 #FAIL moments.

Fail Number 1: Contact Information

woman waiting holding a resume | How to Write a Resume for a Job in Marketing and Sales

Marketers can cite many reasons why they prefer to leave out their contact information. Either way, it is a serious error. If you are missing an e-mail, phone, or address, you’ve failed. (If you don’t live near the job, you can address that in a cover letter.)

LinkedIn is the key to demonstrating the value of your network, years’ experience, and activity to your target audience. These can include people involved in the hiring process, such as a marketing manager. If you haven’t posted anything, then get with it.

You shouldn’t be in marketing if don’t have a personal marketing strategy. You need to stand out in a job search. Include your blog on your marketing resume. If you don’t have one yet, create it. It is the future of SEO.

Fail Number 2: No Metrics or Generic Numbers

Your marketing resume says you increased the number of leads by 20%. Really? Be specific, so I know you can track your data. If you are tracking your numbers, you will be prepared for any question I have to ask you in an interview.

So you managed PPC. Did you generate more or fewer leads? Did the CPA (cost per acquisition) go up or down? What were the numbers?

If you don’t mention split testing in association with your numbers, then maybe you just got lucky.

Fail Number 3: No Digital Proof

Remember, you are applying for a job in inbound marketing. It includes prior accomplishments. In your marketing or sales resume or cover letter, include links, links, and more links. Show exactly what web pages you optimized and what their results were.

Bonus points: You are applying for marketing. Make your resume look awesome. Include a quote, a column, an infographic, etc.


These days, your bachelor’s degree, communication skills, and customer experience are no longer enough. You have to learn how to compete by being specific in your marketing resume and spelling out your accomplishments in numbers. As a marketing professional, be ready to prove you have what it takes to do the job well.

Do you have more tips on how to write or design a marketing resume? Share them in the comments section below! 

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Editor’s Note: This article was published on June 25, 2012, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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