Grant Cardone’s 7 Simple Tips to Improve Sales Follow-up
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Grant CardoneWhat does it take to become a master of sales and transform your sales team into top performers?

Grant Cardone shared his thoughts on achieving sales greatness at InsideSales.com’s Sales Acceleration Summit, the world’s largest online sales summit.

Many people mistakenly believe that in order to be a great salesperson, you must be a fast talker or have a natural ability to read people.

That’s not true.

According to Grant Cardone, following up with your prospects is the difference maker that will ensure you are the best in your space. And he should know. Cardone is a “New York Times” bestselling author and leading authority on sales and entrepreneurship.

Why should you follow up?

InsideSales.com conducted a lead response survey and determined that on average, sales reps call a prospect only one or two times before giving up.

Yet 80 percent of sales take five to 12 contacts. This disconnect shows just how many opportunities are going to waste. 

How do I get my reps to follow up?

This question keeps managers up at night and leads to hair loss. Too many sales leaders struggle to get their reps to call their leads more often.

While many blame laziness, the culprit behind inconsistent follow-up is that many sales reps simply don’t know what to do or what to say.

What does Grant recommend?

Grant shared seven simple tips to improve sales rep follow up:

1. Take action

Planning is great, but eventually you need to pick up the phone. 48 percent of all salespeople don’t make the call, meaning if you just start dialing you’re already in the upper tier of sales professionals.

2. Frequency leads to greatness

As mentioned earlier, the vast majority of sales are done after the fourth call. Sales is all about repeated jabs instead of landing a knockout punch. Reps should make five to 12 calls, not one or two.

3. Get regular

Grant emphasizes a regular regimen, sometimes referred to as a sales cadence. Managers should outline in their CRM what sales activities their reps should be following over a designed period of time.

4. Don’t wait too long

Far too many sales professionals wait too long to follow up and between follow-ups. InsideSales.com research has found that when sales reps respond within five minutes of an inquiry versus 30 minutes, they get a 21x uplift in qualifications.

5. Be creative

You need to find creative ways of reaching out to customers. It doesn’t always have to be a phone call or an email. You can text, post on social sites, send invitations to charity events or offer referrals.

6. Have a purpose

Salespeople often become an annoyance when they don’t have a clear purpose. Frequency is important, but each attempt must come with a reason.

7. Leave a message

Always leave a message when calling a prospect. Better yet, leave a message and an email. Decision makers are very busy and leaving a message can set yourself apart from the many others fighting for their attention.

You can watch Grant’s full presentation, or any of our other sales summit speakers, on demand by registering today.

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