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Lack of leads is the primary challenge confronting 49% of sales and marketing pros, followed by lead quality and conversion. So how are top performers tackling this problem? InsideSales.com field marketing and sales experts discussed about what are the best lead generation methods that Marketing and Sales can agree upon for creating pipeline.

Gabe Larsen, director of InsideSales.com Labs, Justin Hiatt, Senior Director Business Development and Jeff Fowler, VP of Revenue Generation at InsideSales.com talked about this hot topic in an online webinar. Watch the webinar to find what methods are best for developing leads, creating pipeline and driving brand awareness.

Sales vs Marketing: Fight (!?)

While anecdotal evidence is that Sales and Marketing don’t always get along, hard research shows that they are trying to solve common pain points. InsideSales.com developed a study involving 678 individuals in Sales and Marketing, and the results were interesting. The number one struggle for professionals both groups is generating more leads.

“Once [sales and marketing] start working together, magic can happen. That’s what we wanted to accomplish with this study. We wanted marketing and sales to hug it out,” said Gabe Larsen, VP of InsideSales.com Labs. Both groups are interested in generating a certain number of leads, and making sure the leads are good quality.

Best Lead Generation Methods

Sales and marketing experts agree that many of the lead generation methods commonly used today revolve around digital outreach. Email, webinars, podcasts, display ads, website content, and even social media all have a role in growing their sales pipeline.

InsideSales.com sales acceleration platform also came in high on the list of tools for generating leads. Around 93 percent of sales and marketing leaders who currently use InsideSales say they will continue using it.

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The Role of Brand Awareness in Developing Leads

Brand awareness is mainly a tool of the Marketing department. It will, however, play a crucial role in growing the pipeline and lead development. It will help Sales close deals or progress deals throughout the sales funnel.

“Someone in our chat was spot on. ‘Think of Coca Cola. If you know their brand, you’re 80% of the way there.’ I couldn’t agree with this more. People spend hours researching before they are in contact with you,” said Justin Hiatt, Senior Director Business Development at InsideSales.com.

The Value of Events in Lead Development

Event Marketing has its own role in the pipeline growth equation. The value of small executive events can be high to organizations who need a targeted captive audience to relay their message.

“Small executive events offer the ability to be very particular with a targeted audience. They give you a perfect opportunity to communicate your message,” shows Jeff Fowler.

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Sales Development Representatives

When it comes to return on investment, sales development functions will have the most to offer, shows Justin Hiatt.  “I think most companies will see the most life or demand generation out of the sales development of business development team. That is their sole job every single day, to come in and create or spark that demand,” he adds.

If you’re looking to learn more about the most common methods for developing leads, creating pipeline and driving brand awareness, watch our webinar below. You’ll get more insight into:

  • What are some common concerns for Marketing and Sales reps and leaders
  • What are the methods that both Sales and Marketing use to solve pipeline challenges?
  • Why it’s important to align Marketing and Sales activities to create a coherent and persuasive brand message.



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