Lead Response Infographic – How Many Touches to Make a Sale
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best practices in lead response management

Lead response management is not rocket science, but it’s close sometimes. In 2007, InsideSales.com tried to make this easier by shedding light on best practices for lead response, and how many touches you need to make a sale.

Our ground breaking research on inbound leads revealed best practices to responding to marketing generated leads, like how fast you should respond, what’s the best time or day of the week to contact leads– and more importantly, how many times should you attempt to contact prospects before giving up.

Our study was created in collaboration with Dr. James B. Oldroyd, a professor at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The topic has lead to a Harvard Business Review article, Inc. Article, and countless others. It has been downloaded over eighty thousand times, and has initiated the Lead Response Management Industry.

Nine years later, our “Lead Response Audit” study shows exactly how 4,732 companies are responding to leads– and whether they are close to our best practices highlighted in the MIT study.

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So, are sales reps following best practices in lead response management? See for yourself.

The following is an infographic of the key finding from the analysis. Unsurprisingly, most companies are slow to respond to leads and not persistent in following up. They take over 40 hours to respond to leads (!), and 50 percent of leads don’t receive a response at all.

The need for smart sales systems to increase productivity and efficiency for sales teams is as stringent today as it was nine years ago…

lead response management infographic

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Lead Response Management Study

See Our Lead Response Management Best Practices

You can see the highlights from our original MIT study here. 


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