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Everything requires data right? Well, the sales process isn’t any different. Most leaders know they need data but they don’t know how to structure or really use it. In this episode, Justin Jarus, talks about data and how you can improve the sales process through reporting an analytics.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

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  • How do you get started? Picking KPIs and Supporting Metrics/Reports, Crawl; Walk; Run
  • What do you measure? What behaviors matter, how those impact KPIs, and reporting
  • How do you find insights? Measuring, benchmarking, validating, conversations with top performers to better understand why/how they are doing things the way they are, talking to poor performers
  • What pitfalls are there? Paralysis by analysis. Data Quality/Governance(Garbage in Garbage out). Lack of Data. Reportable Data. Boiling the Ocean

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