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Compensation matters across all of sales but it really matters for sales development reps. SDRs need more guidance when managers can’t be around and bad comp plans can lead to bad results. Most people don’t have an answer for compensation but experience can teach you a lot. In this episode, Alex Hudzik, from Nasuni, talks about his experience and lessons learned about building an optimal SDR comp plan.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

An SDR compensation plan is incredibly important. It should provide the guideposts and direction for the 90% of the day when the manager is not directly working with the team. Too often organizations mess this up by:

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– Preferring simplicity over KPIs that really matter to the business
– Not weighting things in a way that eliminates luck and levels the playing field for all, creating unfair wealth distribution amongst the team
– Coaching on best practices, but not incentivizing reps to actually perform them through compensation
– Paying SDRs in a way where they don’t have enough control over achieving it or not – i.e. reliant upon their field rep, or marketing leads
– Incentivizing SDRs to achieve objectives that don’t align with your business objectives (i.e. paying on meetings scheduled – without other requirements).

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