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The #1 Way to Increase Sales Revenue – Sales Reps Take Note

I’m a marketer at insidesales.com and I’m hijacking the sales blog today. I’m writing on behalf of marketers everywhere, and I’m calling out sales professionals. The Goal of Inbound Marketers First, let me say that I like my job...

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New eBook – Maximizing Results through Inside Sales & Marketing Automation

Sales and Marketing are required to work together more than ever before. With the advent of the internet, prospects expect immediate results. That’s why it’s so important that marketing understand how they can get the right...

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The Must Have Sales Tool for Managing Smart Lead Response

Have you ever wondered how your sales reps were processing that most valuable of marketing resource – a lead?  Why do so many leads get thrown into the “unresponsive-no contact” category?  Is this a marketing or a sales process...

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How to Write an Inside Sales Script

Making that first call on a hot lead is huge. It can make or break a sale. Ken Krogue, our President and co-founder with over 20 years of experience in the industry, thinks it’s so important that he spoke for an hour about it in...

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