So, we’ve all been there. You’re nearing the end of the quarter and you need to quickly round up more sales opportunities for your account executive team. I’m naturally no fan of the end of the quarter mad rush, but sometimes you just need to build pipeline fast. One of the activities you can do with the sales team is to organize a Power Hour.

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Boost Sales At The Last Minute With A Successful Power Hour


What Is A Power Hour?



By Power Hour, I don’t mean the drinking game.

A Power Hour is one hour in which all of the sales floor is entirely focused on cold calling your best prospects. To motivate the team, you can introduce an award and the sales reps who accumulate the most set appointments at the end of the hour win. Doing so will help improve sales productivity

Here are the ten things to keep in mind for a successful Power Hour:


1. Put It On the Calendar

Power Hour has to be on everybody’s calendar and everybody needs to know they need to show up. Participation is not optional.


2. Make Sure It’s the Right Time

There are times during the day when you have a better chance of contacting prospects and there are times you have a worse time of contacting prospects. Schedule Power Hours during your best times to make productive and motivating calls.


3. Management Must Participate

Sales managers need to participate. You can’t be one of those leaders who ‘tells’ and doesn’t ‘sell’.  Get your butt the phone. I send the invite and I participate in each Power Hour.


4. Have the List Ready

You must have the list sorted out before the hour begins. The first few times, I showed up to our Power Hour and nobody knew what list they were calling. This led to chaos and disappointing results.


5. Huddle Before the Power Hour

team huddle | Ten Things You Must Do to Have a Successful Power Hour

You need to huddle before the Power Hour begins. It should only last two minutes. You can start with a joke to keep it light. You then should remind people what list they should focus on to maximize productivity and the chances of success. Lastly, mention your scoreboard and then ask each person to give you a goal.


6. Have Fun

Sales reps think that Power Hour is not really fun, but it can be. I stand up during my calls or I tell people what happened after I had a conversation. It makes the time pass much quicker.


7. Set up a Scoreboard

If you’re going to organize a Power Hour, then you need to see how you compare with everybody around you. Having a scoreboard is a must. It’s better if the scoreboard is made by the reps so they have ownership.


8. Make It a Competition

Turning it into a contest and awarding the winner with some sort of incentive is a great idea to get people hyped up. Right now, we give a $25 gift card to every person who gets an appointment (and yes, we take the card back if the appointment doesn’t hold!). There are a lot of ideas for motivational games and prizes you can do here, so have fun with it.


9. Huddle After the Power Hour

Once the hour’s over, take another two minutes and huddle with the team. Let each person mention their goal and if they hit it or not. Discuss funny stories or successes and get feedback on what could be done better the next time.


10. Use Technology

Ten dials are not enough for each person during Power Hour. To have a successful Power Hour, you should be shooting for at least 30 calls per person, depending on the number of conversations. The best way to increase the activity level is to use InsideSales.com’s Powerdialer or Playbooks.This is cutting edge AI technology that shows you who to call, when to call, and what to say for the highest likelihood of success. This is the age of AI selling, and Power Hour can really be easier thanks to smart technology!


Make the most of your Power Hour with Playbooks! Learn more about it in the video below:

A successful Power Hour can mean help your team meet, and even exceed, your sales goals. Just remember these ten tips to help you make the most of this initiative. If you’re looking to get this 10-point cheat sheet on the Power Hour in a .pdf format, you can download it below!

Will you be using these tips into your own strategy? Share your insights in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on August 24, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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