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Tag: Sales Performance

The #1 Way to Increase Sales Revenue – Sales Reps Take Note

I’m a marketer at insidesales.com and I’m hijacking the sales blog today. I’m writing on behalf of marketers everywhere, and I’m calling out sales professionals. The Goal of Inbound Marketers First, let me say that I like my job...

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Inside Sales Reps: Using YouTube as Another Tool

Using video is one of the strongest tools when it comes to helping prospects or clients  understand how your product works. Video allows for short, powerful demos highlighting the strengths of what your company does and how your...

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How to Close Sales: 6 Annoying Sales Tactics to Avoid

You get on the phone, dial the number, and wait. What comes next can either be a flop or a  gold mine for you. But, have you ever wonder if your sales tactics could come across as annoying when it comes to your sales pitch?...

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